The film takes its cues from David Lynch in its incremental movements towards the claimed ‘fantastic’ of its title. When she does appear almost naked near the end of the film, it is on her own terms, with a clever bit of prop placement that conceals in one sense and illuminates in another: clasped between her thighs as she reclines on the bed is a shaving mirror, reflecting her face. This film really keeps you choked up for many reasons simultaneously until the very end when you feel somewhat a sense of vindication for Marina. One interesting scene was when she unleashes her anger on top of the car and really becomes the beast to some extent that the people inside the car (2 out of 3 at least) see in her. Didn't know a whole lot going in but I was excited nonetheless. Director Sebastián Lelio gives too much attention to how his film is shot which is why A Fantastic Woman is a sight for sore eyes but an altogether boring film. In a later scene, Orlando’s bigoted ex-wife demands that Marina hand over her lover’s car in the vaulted space of an office car-park, where colleagues will not witness the encounter. I was wrong. Sooooo one dimensional story and characters. The commonplace story has shades of freshness, thanks to the Chilean setup, but the central character seems to be taking the directions from Lelio a bit too seriously. 49. What a disappointment it has been to watch this movie. Orlando loved her as a transgender woman. After Orlando suffers an aneurysm and dies, Marina is plunged into a hostile world where she is forced to defend not only the validity of their relationship but her identity itself. She certainly held me in the palm of her hand and I had difficulty not taking my eyes off her. When Marina learns that Orlando has died on an examination table within moments of their hospital arrival, she panics and flees—aware, as she is, that Orlando’s injuries will call into question what passed between them. Our third issue is out now and available to buy here. I was excited to watch the Best Foreign Film Oscar winner of this year. After viewing the film I'll say while its not perfect and seems to get lost at stages as it goes along its still an effort that speaks towards today's issues and a film with a fine central performance from a newcomer. “I don’t know what I see when I look at you… perhaps a kind of chimera”. In Sebastián Lelio's new film "A Fantastic Woman," these breathtakingly cruel words are said to Marina (Daniela Vega), a trans woman in mourning for her dead lover Orlando (Francisco Reyes), by Orlando's ex-wife Sonia (Aline Kuppenheim). A Fantastic Woman resonates most strongly as a story about who is permitted to grieve. The officer’s ludicrous perception of transsexuality is that it is predicated on sexual activity alone and involves a degree or perversion. The film takes one through her journey as she mourns his death and simultaneously tries to prevent herself from slipping into insanity. Despite that, the presentation of how the LGBT section is considered by the other groups earns some brownie points. The music and singing element, as beautiful as her voice may be, felt rushed in and pointless most of the time, even if I can see the impact how everybody sees her on stage as an actual woman. While looking then, is revealed as crucially constitutive of identity formation, we are asked to approach such activity as open-ended, and not to observe Marina in crudely voyeuristic terms. There are several fantasy sequences but reality looks no less vivid. Lead actress Dani Vega is also transgender in real life, which added additional spice and bait to the film's awards ambitions. Donations also mean we’re able to commission more of the great pitches we sometimes have to turn down. | This tension between withholding and revealing is found also in the screenplay (by Lelio and Gonzalo Maza), which omits any mention of the struggles Marina may have gone through. Even if it doesn’t, Vega will make history on Sunday when she becomes the first transgender actor to present an award. The scene when the relatives of Marina's late lover kidnapped her and finally left her on an alley with her face covered with masking tape... How could this movie win Best Screenplay in Berlin? “A coincidence,” staff on duty told me, but ironic treatment for a feature which at its core dramatises the reduced space granted to transgender people, and their struggle to remain visible against the tide of mainstream culture. When she tries to attend a function, she is ejected and roughed up. A Fantastic Woman is ultimately a battle about point of view and who gets control of it. But in all fairness, she did a good job here most of the time and it is also a well-written movie. Mercifully, Orlando’s ghost shows up—for Lelio is not averse to interrupting his film’s flow with dabs of magical realism—to point her to a dancefloor, where all the transwomen and gay men formation dance and literally sparkle. In the film’s penultimate sequence, Marina gives it a quick punch before exiting her new apartment – she has been bought out of the one that she shared with Orlando – and moving out into the night. Because Marina fled the hospital and there were injuries on Orlando’s body, a police investigation is instigated. (The director is currently remaking it in the US, with Julianne Moore in the title role.) Expecting Marina to be a freak, Cortés, Bruno, and Sonia are the ones who behave freakishly—certainly, their stretched facial expressions and speechifying seems unnatural, though they never become caricatures. The caustic Adriana (Amparo Noguera), head of the Sexual Offences Unit, pressures Marina into undergoing a physical examination on a spurious pretext. This Oscar-nominated Chilean drama almost snagged a Best Actress nod for transgender newcomer Daniela Vega. And come on, the natural woman song in the radio may have been a bit too much. Though trans culture has made massive strides in terms of mainstream acceptance in the last few years, A Fantastic Woman is a reminder that bigotry is still deep-rooted. Not a fantastic film, but a pretty good one, A classy one woman show with a great supporting cast, A Great Movie for Human Rights Equality With Heartbreaking and Beautiful Message. He departs the flat having physically threatened Marina. Meanwhile, a female detective is worried about her being abused, while a male police officer insists on addressing her by her legal, male name. A Fantastic Woman (Spanish: Una mujer fantástica), is a Tour-De-Force in all senses. Secondly, Writer-Director Sebastián Lelio makes a harrowing, arresting film about the difference between being 'human' & 'inhuman'. The only thing clear in the movie is that Chile is a country living in the 12th century. Here rooting for "A Fantastic Woman" to capture that Best Foreign Language Oscar, and hoping this film will bring attention to the bleak reality many transgender people must deal with. During an abrasive scene in a forensic crime unit, where detectives ‘need’ to ascertain whether her relationship with Orlando was criminal or abusive (despite her oral testimony to the contrary) Marina is asked to strip from the waist down.

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