Poi, non vera peste, vale a dire peste sì, ma in un certo senso; non peste proprio, ma una cosa alla quale non si sa trovare un altro nome. As in many 19th century European novels, the authorial voice dominates the telling of the story, but Mazzoni h. I read this book, which, shame to say, I had never heard of before, on the recommendation of the Pope, whose favorite novel it is. Faced with the many Italian dialects (indeed languages) spoken across the country, he settled on Tuscan as his preferred vehicle to embody this project. As a nun, Gertrude retains her pride, but her life has become more and more embittered and turned to evil. Could it live up to its reputation?

… Manzoni was right in believing that a viable national language had to have its roots in real, practical linguistic usage and not in dusty old books or even dustier Academies. So at the beginning, no plague, absolutely not, by any count: the very utterance of the word was prohibited. But as the book came in the package and as I began to read it I was immediately fascinated by the characters and the place described. He wished to reunite the written language (stilted and florid under centuries of formalism) with living spoken Italian, from which it had for so long been sundered. As news arrived from towns so grievously afflicted, which formed a semi-circle around the city, and some of which were at a distance of no more than 18 or 20 miles, who would not anticipate that there would be a general movement, a desire for precautionary measures well or poorly executed, or at least a fruitless uneasiness?


Title: The Betrothed.

Once the plague had broken out and been acknowledged, however, recollections of that warning helped to confirm or even create the vague suspicion of a malicious plot.

To escape his dilemma (and the retribution that threatens him) Don Abbondio pretends to be ill and locks himself in his home.

The event will be celebrated around the world. The Health Tribunal published a decree promising rewards and immunity to anyone who reported the perpetrator or perpetrators of the deed.

In the presence of these figures, Don Rodrigo’s torment was even greater. I was sure to be discouraged.

He is famous for the novel, “Bullies, oppressors and all men who do violence to the rights of others are guilty not only of their own crimes, but also of the corruption they bring into the hearts of their victims.”, “I would really like, in fact, to be born again in another two hundred years' time.”, Prêmio Literário Biblioteca Nacional for TRADUÇÃO - Prêmio Paulo Rónai (2012).

For her stories do not belong. In his hand he held an appeal, and he seemed to say “we’ll see”.

Fear of quarantine and of the lazaretto made everyone wary: the ill were not reported, the gravediggers and their supervisors were bribed, and even employees of the Tribunal assigned to examine the cadavers could be paid off to issue false death certificates. They conveyed the bad news to the Health Tribunal in a letter.

And since, in both the lazaretto and the city, some victims had actually recovered, “it was said” (the final arguments of an opinion defeated by the evidence are always strange to hear), “by the common people, and also by many biased doctors, that it was not a true plague, because otherwise everyone would have been dead.”. Were they finally ready to admit that the poor old Settala had been right? You could try this one: Want a wonderfully old-fashioned, lovingly human, and seemingly never-ending long romance full of humour, pathos and endearingly-living-and-breathing characters - with swordplay ‘n chivalry crammed cheek and jowl with free-wheeling high adventure - to curl up with in your free hours of discreet distancing from diseased public spaces? There were some people, however, to whom they were not new: the few who still remembered the plague that, fifty-three years earlier, had devastated much of Italy, especially in the Milan area, where it was and still is known as the San Carlo Plague.

Two “bravi”, henchmen of the arrogant and dissolute Don Rodrigo accost the priest. Conflicts between others and within the individual are exhibited well throughout the story. Conflicts between others and within the individual are exhibited well throughout the story. I purchased the audiobook version with an Audible credit because it is an expensive audiobook, but it was worth joining audible for this book!

As their adventures unfold, Manzoni weaves history, social commentary, theology and philosophy into the narrative.

Era un’idea sottintesa e toccata incidentemente, in ogni discorso che riguardasse i suoi destini futuri.“.

Manzoni’s work was recognised across the Italian literary world.

When he wrote the book, Lombardy was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. On the walls hung paintings of various generations of the family. Dante sees himself as a "citizen of the world".

But, of course, his choice of Florence as the cradle of the new language was based on the cultural prestige Florentine usage had acquired in the fourteenth century, not on its standing in the nineteenth, which among the majority of non-Tuscan speakers was actually negligible.

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