There are no male Mahars.

You have no conception of the strange contradictions and impossibilities which arise when all methods of measuring time, as we know them upon earth, are non-existent.

They are a noble-looking race, these cave men of Pellucidar, and if our progenitors were as they, the human race of the outer crust has deteriorated rather than improved with the march of the ages. It was first published in book form in hardcover by A. C. McClurg in July, 1922.[1]. Gale faulted the novel's style, noting that "the reader must wade at least twenty-five pages into the book before he can cease to be annoyed by the author's stilted and florid style", but promised that "by then he has reached the point of no return".[2].

Back in the world we know David meets the author, who after hearing his tale and seeing his prehistoric captive, helps him resupply and prepare the mole for the return to Pellucidar. It was decided that no time should now be lost before attempting to put our plan of escape to the test, as I could not hope to remain hidden from the Sagoths long, nor could I forever carry that bale of skins about upon my head without arousing suspicion.

The man saw it too, and the look of terror that overspread his face assured me that I need have no further concern as to him, for the fear of certain death was in his look. In the center of one side the largest rock was reserved for the queen, and here she took her place surrounded by her terrible guard. ”. Rachel Welch would borrow the nest scene from Tarzan at the Earth’s Core for One Million Years B.C.

"Who are the Mezops?" When a nobleman is threatened by a family curse on his newly inherited estate, detective Sherlock Holmes is hired to investigate. Several Mahars stood about the poor creature holding him down so that he could not move. Add the first question.

Or the giant sloth that chased the two explorers upon their first steps into the Inner World?

A child might have picked it, and a moment later I was free. THE ABORIGINE, APPARENTLY UNINJURED, CLIMBED quickly into the skiff, and seizing the spear with me helped to hold off the infuriated creature. Sanna escapes being sacrificed and meets Tara.

For a time all was silence within the temple.

"Even the Sagoths of the Mahars fear us. "Only to keep you from running it through me," I replied. Return to the At the Earth's Core Summary Return to the Edgar Rice Burroughs Library, The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett, Uncle Tom's Cabin - Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Presently its efforts to reach us ceased entirely, and with a few convulsive movements it turned upon its back quite dead. The men, for the most part, stood erect and stately with folded arms, awaiting their doom; but the women and children clung to one another, hiding behind the males. It is not the occasional member of its species that is a man hunter—all are man hunters; but they do not confine their foraging to man alone, for there is no flesh or fish within Pellucidar that they will not eat with relish in the constant efforts which they make to furnish their huge carcasses with sufficient sustenance to maintain their mighty thews…”.

At the shoulder it stood at least ten feet above the ground, and in length it must have been fully twenty feet. At last the head of the tribunal communicated the result of their conference to the officer in charge of the Sagoth guard. Their feet are equipped with three webbed toes, while from the fore feet membranous wings, which are attached to their bodies just in front of the hind legs, protrude at an angle of 45 degrees toward the rear, ending in sharp points several feet above their bodies…”. With a quick thrust through the heart I disposed of the first but my second thrust was not so fortunate, so that before I could kill the next of my victims it had hurled itself against the third, who sprang quickly up, facing me with wide-distended jaws. As the purpose of this remarkable avenue dawned upon me I could not but admire the native shrewdness of the ancient progenitor of the Mezops who hit upon this novel plan to throw his enemies from his track and delay or thwart them in their attempts to follow him to his deep-buried cities. In an instant I realized what I had stumbled upon. and Doug McClure, the excellent music (it's really good), cinematography by the amazing Alan Hume and last but not least, Caroline Munro. Together we dragged the skiff far up into the bushes that grew beyond the sand. “Emerging from the forest was a colossal beast which closely resembled a bear. Got it. Whatever dangers lay hidden in this island jungle, there could be none so fearsome as those which I had just escaped. [3] Another and more direct homage to Burroughs' concept is Lin Carter's "Zanthodon" series, beginning with his novel Journey to the Underground World. Let’s just say he was no feminist. Presently I reduced my speed to a brisk walk, and later realizing the danger of running into some new predicament, were I not careful, I moved still more slowly and cautiously.

Both were glad to see me, it was needless to say, though of course they had known nothing of the fate that had been meted out to me by my judges.

Here he removed a couple of large bowlders, revealing a small opening which led straight within the building, or so it seemed, though as I entered after Ja I discovered myself in a narrow place of extreme darkness.

One has to wonder what Burroughs ever thought of Alley Oop? Gradually I worked it toward me until I felt that it was within reach of my hand and a moment later I had turned about and the precious thing was in my grasp. Of a sudden it turned into an apartment on the right of the corridor, and an instant later as I rushed in I found myself facing two of the Mahars.

Again and again the queen led the girl into the depths and out again, until the uncanny weirdness of the thing got on my nerves so that I could have leaped into the tank to the child's rescue had I not taken a firm hold of myself.

Adventure, artwork, Edgar Rice Burroughs, G. W. Thomas, Jungle Adventure, Movies, Science fiction A MOMENT LATER I WAS STANDING BEFORE A DOZEN Mahars--the social investigators of Phutra.

There were mastodon and mammoth, and a huge, elephantine creature that resembled an elephant and yet did not seem to be an elephant at all. "Come," he said to me, "you are sentenced to the experimental pits for having dared to insult the intelligence of the mighty ones with the ridiculous tale you have had the temerity to unfold to them.".

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. There was nothing to save myself and I plunged headforemost into the water below.

Its nose, or snout, depended nearly a foot below its lower jaw, much after the manner of a rudimentary trunk. “. The poor creatures on the islands awaiting their fate tried to cover their eyes with their hands to hide the fearful sight, but now I saw that they too were under the hypnotic spell of the reptiles, so that they could only crouch in terror with their eyes fixed upon the terrible thing that was transpiring before them. We ascended for some forty feet when the interior of the space between the walls commenced to grow lighter and presently we came opposite an opening in the inner wall which gave us an unobstructed view of the entire interior of the temple.

Perhaps they didn’t want to be too similar to the Planet of the Apes films?

Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England, UK.

Directly below me the water lapped the very side of the wall, there being a break in the bowlders at this point as there was at several other places about the side of the temple. One of the creatures I had sketched was the Mahars, the pterodactyl-like rulers of the world in the earth’s core.

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