The whole mission runs on one long timer. It’s too time-consuming. Fight through them to gain access to the back of the lighthouse. The second one is a jump on top of a cliff. You see, all three routes leading into it snake up a hill. But more often than not, they are locations from story missions. Try to recall as much of the course as possible to know when exactly to slow down and when it is safe to speed up. Filling up burns a few seconds off the clock. Killing swiftly and efficiently is the only way to go. One bullet through the temple, and he’s down for good. Anything less and it’ll land on the concrete. Which is somewhere relatively South of Beech Hill. This one is actually very tricky to find. The getaway vehicle will be waiting at the back. The Baskerville is an accommodation in Oxfordshire. The problem is, there are only a few places where the player can properly dump the cars into the water. Dispose of them to get a clear shot at the space ship. What’s more, there is no actual way to account for the flow of traffic. And finally, a third possible location is at the Beech Hill Lighthouse. Baskerville is a census-designated place in Mecklenburg County, Virginia.The population as of the 2010 Census was 128. Find a nice long circuit to travel along, and just hold that minimum speed to pass the time. Fight your way through them to reach the vault in the lower levels. The gun has a 75 bullet drum, and even then, it is hard to account for all pursuers. The Baskerville Jobs are a series of missions that test the player’s skills in terms of driving and shooting. They are more immovable than you might think. It’s at Beech Hill where things become dicey. I’ve only seen the ramp, and getting there is the hard part. There is reason to drive very quickly, but watch out for the roadblocks in front of the country mansion. Enemies will rush the left and right sides of the tower. One bullet’s all it needs to go down, and thus ending the mission. Kill him. The first location is a ramp right beside Lucas Bertone’s garage. The first part of this finale involves a car chase through Little Italy and Chinatown before breaking away towards the countryside up North. The second ramp is located just left the park with the Angel statue on the Waterfront. Baskerville communicates with the player through special phone booths at a select location. The easiest way for me was to leave my vehicle by the bend directly West of Beech Hill and go on foot the rest of the way. Once the truck makes it through the gates, it’ll settle on a spot on the far end of the docks. Still, it’s better than trying to get to the garage on an empty gas tank. It’s not worth avoiding them if it could potentially cause you to hit something else. The game’s only hint is that the phone booth is located near Carlo’s apartment. That one obstacle is tough to account for if you’re turning towards it. It must reach its destination without so much as a scratch. Finding the booths themselves are just the first half of the test. The notes provide a hint at the location. Finding the booths themselves are just the first half of the test. The place is an impressive manor located in Devonshire, England. The second’s car nearby, the actual car that’s supposed to be dumped there. Inside the vault, you’ll face a clown with a golden shotgun. After the mysterious death of Sir Charles Baskerville, it passed to his American nephew, Sir Henry. The shed on top is indestructible, so focus on the right side gap and GUN IT when you’re aligned perfectly. When they start abducting civilians, a marker will appear on the map, showing the location, if need be. Located South of Holbrook, this job asks the player to drive a misbehaving motorcycle through a series of checkpoints. Shoot it before it can finish pulling the person up. Cross it as quickly as possible without crashing into the civilians. It’s not going to do well against most high-speed collisions. Written by the mysterious Herbert Baskerville, these little notes pop up in various locations in Sarielie’s Bar. Shoot the barrels beside the generator. The game is going to ask you to follow the Alien ship. Baskerville Hall is the ancestral home of the Baskerville family. This is a very straightforward mission, for once, testing only your time management and shooting skills. Thankfully, each swap resets the timer so there’s some wiggle room to operate. But more often than not, they are locations from story missions. Located a couple of blocks North East of Salieri’s Bar, this job pits the player against the mysterious Herbert Baskerville himself. Located at the furthest point West of Little Italy, this job requires the player to drive the Crazy Horse to the most Eastern point of Holbrook. Then proceeding to dump it through the Waterfront jump. But be quick about it. The best shooting position is by the telephone pole beside the entrance of Beech Hill. The state's Baskerville Correctional Center is nearby, but not within the CDP.. Elm Hill and Eureka are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.. References You definitely will want to be proactive rather than reactive. The 3rd car is located on a long country drive. The player will then make another mad dash towards its location. You have just 5 minutes to reach it before they get away. Go around, get the checkpoint, and enter the tunnel. Located Near Salieiri’s Warehouse in Holbrook, this job asks the player to drive a Smith Moray all the way to a garage in the Works Quarter. Do note that you need to jump off the ramp with considerable speed. It starts with an alien ship attempting to abduct a civilian. The last car is just north, and that one is easily disposed of from the Bertone ramp. Other than that, when you come across the checkpoint floating above Waterfront, go off the ramp with near high speed. Shooting it exposes the space ship to regular bullets. The chase ends at North County Marina, where Baskerville ditches his golden car and runs inside the nearest warehouse. Reinforcing policemen appear in the staircase leading up and around the front of the bank. Watch out for his erratic driving, especially on country roads. One final twist in the job is the appearance of a speeding car barreling towards the truck. Thankfully, you can plan out a route that crosses multiple gas stations. Also, the bridge burns more time off the clock than other segments before it. Be careful when crossing the bridge. Compounding the challenge are a series of jumps and roadblocks that could potentially ruin a run very quickly. Finally, you are going to tail it to its final destination. There are a couple of nasty surprises when running through this course.

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