User Ratings The movie doesn't go into any depth about why there are even zombies in the mine. I was immediately drawn into the suspenseful buildup of the plot by her reactions as someone unfamiliar with the mining experience. In any case it was disastrously horrible. We have seen the story before... trapped in a mine, a group of people struggle to survive. A teaser trailer and new images for Ben Ketai's horror film, BENEATH, starring Jeff Fahey, Kelly Noonan, Joey Kern, Brent Briscoe, and Mark L Young. Having different characters in there, all with their own agendas and their own imagination of what is happening who might be to blame ... there is a lot of things going on. This of course is only the start of their problems, and things go rapidly and gorily downhill from there By now there's been a fair number of horrors that involve people being trapped underground, and conceptually, it doesn't offer a lot of story lines beyond panicking protagonists, flooded tunnels, falling rocks, monsters, and claustrophobia. Aside from that, Beneath is a solid horror flick. I feel as if the script was changed about halfway through. Or was it possibly a bad gal? Take My Bloody Valentine (1981) for instance, it was filmed in a real coal mine. Many parts of the movie remain unexplained.

"Beneath" has a lot of the same feel--the claustrophobia of the mine itself is as bad as whatever else is down there.

– but while a film like The Amityville Horror benefited from the claim because its veracity was difficult to confirm back in the pre-internet days of 1979 the truth behind today’s movies can be ascertained with a few clicks of a mouse. PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE READING IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THIS MOVIE YET!!! There are a few effective scares along the way, but nothing very memorable.

That is this film's best attribute; the makeup/fx people should be commended. Growing up in Nova Scotia, I heard a lot of stories about the coal mines in Cape Breton although they'd been closed by then.

5 stars are enough for it. Nerves of steel would also help. She has lived and studied in New York and Toronto, but ultimately returned home so that she could get a decent cup of tea. Game of Thrones: The Ending of ‘The Bells’ Explained. Although this movie has its flaws, the good definitely outweighs the bad. This major distraction is unbearable at some parts and takes away greatly from what could've been a good flick. The most important is the way the focus is back and forth between something being down there (demon, spirit, etc.) Due to filming in darkness most of part of the movie is difficult to understand well. 15 years after being incarcerated for attempting to murder four boys, a deranged psychopath escapes prison to seek revenge on the victims th The survivors retreat into an emergency pod to await rescue, but they soon discover that they’re not alone down there.

I have checked google and there is no mention of any mining event that resulted in only one survivor so this is not a movie that is "Inspired on True Events" and this privilege should be removed! Or maybe a bad ghost? This movie is full of scares as well as fairly bloody kills and disturbing images that will have you jumping out of your seat. So I don't know how the Producers of this IFC movie got away with being able to use the words "Inspired on True Events" my rear! Throughout he whole movie you will be wondering which it is (and no i am not saying).

It's really dark the whole way through but that's expected. It is about the horror of the situation, of how people react there, what they do, how they see things, therefore, this one feels quite natural. Even though the acting is not always amazing as well as cliched, the movie delivers with it's tense atmosphere, claustrophobic environment and startling scares. As Thomas searches for a way to free his sister, chaos escalates and we careen towards Apostle's ending. It's not clear what the miners should be scared of, but it's clear they should be scared, and the audience along with them. Led by a self-proclaimed prophet called Malcolm (Michael Sheen), the cult worships a mysterious deity who lives on the island, but failing harvests and stillborn livestock have pushed their resources to breaking point. So who knows which one "inspired" the writers of this film. She’s no Ripley (from Alien), but her journey from whiny and useless to someone far more proactive is presented in interesting ways. Yes, we have seen it and similar stories more than a few times before, but seldom so well. Booogie Boogie Boogie!!! Remembering When ‘Pokémon’ Caused Satanic Panic. The cast had excellent chemistry and easily played off each others strengths, and most importantly to me, their characters didn't seem as contrived or cliché as most do nowadays. I just feel like there could have been a scene in which it was clearly explained (because there were multiple options.) There was no collapse. I do not recommend much. You really feel sorry for them when it all starts going south. And whatever's going on in that house, it's not good! Hannah enjoys weird horror movies, weirder sci-fi movies, and also the movie adaptation of Need for Speed - the greatest video game movie of all time. When the founders of the cult - Malcolm, Frank (Paul Higgins), and Quinn (Mark Lewis Jones) - arrived on the island after fleeing persecution for their beliefs, Quinn discovered cave paintings on the island that revealed the nature of the god and how she "works."

What's best about it though, is the rock solid production and granite performances from each and every cast member. The cast does fine work with both Fahey and Brent Briscoe being comforting standouts, but Noonan deserves credit for keeping a difficult character from slipping too far left or right of her balanced center. In Gareth Evans' new Netflix horror film, Dan Stevens plays Thomas Richardson, a tormented man who goes to rescue his sister from a religious cult located on a remote island. Never was a big fan of the underground/descent style movies. In an attempt to avoid spoilers I'll just leave it at that. One of the film’s biggest strengths is the script’s ability to play both sides of the fence in regard to the threat at hand. He writes about them. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. What was in the unmapped cavern the miners accidentally breached, causing the cave-in in the first place? A. Plus, when did the guy even get infected? However, what they didn't expect is to start hearing & seeing things, and as panic & paranoia start to set in, the miner's start to gradually turn on each other. If you are one of those people who loves this type of movie, I suspect you will rate it even more highly than I did.

It begins with a bring your kid to work scenario except the kid is a sexpot adult woman and work is a coal mine. Is it just poor direction? The scariest aspect of "The Descent" (2005) wasn't the monsters (or even the backstabbing female-empowerment politics) but the narrow cave crevices the characters managed to squeeze through, the endless maze of tunnels they could so easily get lost in, the darkness that hid unseen dangers. Well, if you really, really love these films, Beneath is almost like seeing "The Descent Part III". And no, the crew isn't simply trapped underground, running out of oxygen and waiting to die. A decently made movie that has its faults but still leaves you feeling spooked. "Rob is great. My only real complaint was the rather standard attempt-one-last-shock ending that was ridiculously easy to see coming. Beneath managed to pull of a genuinely creepy vibe throughout, and some fairly good scares as well. It’s dumb, and it more often than not shows a desperation on the part of filmmakers who lack confidence in the quality and power of their actual film.

To the people that poo-poo on the "inspired by actual events": That is way different than "Based on a true story". The Upside: Suspenseful and occasionally scary; does a great job teasing both a psychotic and/or supernatural cause; well-acted all around; strong production design, The Downside: “True story” bs in opening text is an unnecessary distraction; Samantha’s character could use some tightening up. Some parts were mentioned and do not really tie into the rest of the movie. This movie has the ability to get under your skin, and if you are as claustrophobic as I am, you're in for a treat. Her hobbies include drawing, video games, long walks in the countryside, and wasting far too much time on Twitter. The crack that opens in the mountain leads to a revelation about “the nineteen,” a group of miners who where lost and never recovered after a cave-in back in the ’20s, but equally compelling is the mental stress and delusions the survivors begin suffering as the oxygen depletes and panic sets in among them. We then combined them with results of previous work to map detailed Moho geometry in the region. How is that? Endgame Concept Art Reveals The Original Plan for Avengers’ Battle with Thanos, Why Get Out Star Daniel Kaluuya Is Making A Barney Movie, The Witches: How The 2020 Remake Compares To The Book & 1990 Movie, IT: Burger King & McDonald's Bizarre Battle Over The 2017 Movie Explained, The MCU's Spider-Man Revealed His Origin Story On YouTube, Jurassic World 3 Returning To Site B Can Properly End The Franchise, Borat Gives Kim Kardashian A Creepy Birthday Message, Ant-Man's Hank Pym Is Officially The MCU's Greatest Genius, Trial of the Chicago 7 Star Used A Fart Machine On Set To Make The Movie Better, George Clooney Almost Starred In The Notebook Over Ryan Gosling, Frozen Secretly Explains Why Elsa REALLY Created Olaf, Doctor Strange 2: The MCU Must Not Fail America Chavez (And LGBTQ Fans), Star Wars Explains Why Palpatine Easily Turned Ben Solo To The Dark Side. Don't take this as a stab at the director in the least, I still enjoyed the movie, it just lacked a solidified plot.

Keep in mind that if you're a picky movie watcher this won't be for you. In Gareth Evans' new Netflix horror film, Dan Stevens plays a man seeking to rescue his sister from a religious cult on a remote island. Wouldn't you just know it? This movie only got those three stars because of the supporting actors who were actually pretty good. I had to see this because mines, along with the ocean, are such a fascinating, fertile realm for scary movies -- the pretense of fear is already in the back of most people's mind. Being trapped with "something" is a common theme for horror/thriller movies to use so can't go anywhere really on originality. Ther are a few good things about this movie even though it is straight formula. The oxygen is dropping, toxic fumes are taking its place and someone – or something – is trying to make sure none of them see the light of day ever again. Now that's scary! On the Side: There was a another horror film called Beneath released recently, but it is… not very good. Beneath hits VOD on June 27th and opens in select theaters on July 25th.

Most claustrophobic story since "The Descent". Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Apostle. Silly, dreadful, unrealistic, absurd, pointless and confusing.

I really enjoyed this movie for what it was. There's a great element of mystery in the film's sequence of events, and you're never quite sure if things are what they seem.

There have been plenty of cave-ins and plenty of miners dead and some where miners survive. Imagine music for a sorcery-related plot and then dial it down to ominous forebodings. Throughout Apostle, paintings show the god being worshipped atop a fire and given sacrificial offerings in exchange for bountiful harvests, but the three men perverted this ritual by keeping the god a prisoner and force-feeding her with a funnel, essentially treating her like a "machine."

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