Age statements must refer to the age of the youngest whiskey used.

Is there a better name for an Irish whiskey than Writer’s Tears? There are currently a huge swathe of Irish whiskies out there reinventing, challenging, subverting, defying or simply exceeding the stereotype of the spirit only being suitable as a shot or chaser. No matter how you enjoy it,  there’s no question The Irishman 12 Year Single Malt is one of the best Irish whiskeys available. Top off with ginger ale or ginger beer to taste, Add lime juice, and feel free to go ahead and drop that lime wedge in the mix, Mix one part Irish whiskey, two parts lemonade, two parts ginger beer, and a dash of bitters in a pitcher or punch bowl, Dissolve two parts Demerara sugar and one part muscovado sugar in three parts boiling water to make a syrup, Stir sugar syrup into 35 mL Irish whiskey (we suggest Jameson), Add whiskey to 90 mL of espresso coffee, or two espresso pours, Whether the rye whiskey is best suited for sipping, mixing, or both. Amber in color with no age statement, Green Spot Irish Whiskey is a single pot still Irish whiskey aged up to a decade in new bourbon, refill bourbon, and sherry casks. If you also require an oaky finish, plenty of pot still spice, and barley, Redbreast 21 Year is definitely for you. It’s all balanced well with apples and pears, charred wood, and freshly cut hay. 12. The maturation must be in wooden casks, and for a minimum duration of three years. He's been sampling the finest whiskeys on the planet for much of the past 15 years and knows a thing or two about what constitutes the very finest on offer.
We found out. There’s sweet barley and a vanilla creaminess to the aroma, with a pleasing viscosity on the palate. Here are some great Irish whiskey cocktails: It is a misconception that all Irish whiskey is smoother than Scotch, since all Irish whiskey is triple distilled. The aging process of this whiskey introduces deep flavors, creating a complex and highly rewarding experience. Read our full Redbreast 15-year-old whiskey review. The sweetness of Coca-Cola helps offset the sometimes bitter flavors of whiskey. Add a little water to this 12 year to heighten its flavors. On the palate, it’s dry and tangy and the finish settles nicely into the flavor of cherry cola. Powers Gold Label is said to be “cut from the heart of the distillate,” meaning only the good stuff gets in the mix. After ranking the best Irish whiskeys, however, we at RAVE feel we can confidently answer which Irish whiskeys are the best, broken down into three categories: best top-shelf whiskey, best mid-shelf whiskey, and best cheap whiskey.

To enjoy this combination, just add a shot of Irish whiskey to your next pint. To qualify for the ‘single’ part of the nomenclature, the spirit must all be made on the same site. If you love whiskey with a strong aroma, creamy texture, and fruity flavors, you’ll love our pick for the best top-shelf Irish whiskey, Redbreast 21 Year. Share your product suggestions with us below…. On the nose there’s a leafy, savoury note, along with apples, which continues on the palate.

The earliest Scottish record of distilled spirits apparently dates to a tardy 1494. Given the glowing reviews, that's still money well spent in our book though. The smooth and sweet malt taste makes Connemara Peated Single Malt our pick for the best mid-shelf Irish whiskey. There’s also a flavor that’s something like Cookie Crisp Cereal, along with small amounts of vanilla and baking spices. While you’re still deciding, let’s answer some commonly asked questions about Irish whiskey and how to best enjoy it. Scotland and Ireland — two countries with long and proud histories, exemplified in many ways by Scotch and Irish whiskeys. COPYRIGHT © 2020. Caribbean Rum Cask Finish. This modern spirit by J.J Corry is aged in mezcal casks. Amber in color and 43% ABV, the influence of the ex-bourbon casks becomes immediately apparent on the nose, with light, sweet, and spicy notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and just a little bit of clove. Do you like mixed drinks, or do you drink your whiskey straight? Things perked up slowly – in the late 1980s the new, independent Cooley’s distillery opened and drinks giant Pernod Ricard picked up Irish Distillers, prompting more interest and advocacy for this august spirit and some of its surviving brands. The fruitiness continues on the palate with melon, green fruit, candied pear, vanilla custard, and coconut making an appearance. The long finish includes notes of dried fruit, pine, sugary sweetness, char, and old wood. But there’s absolutely no evidence of who invented whiskey first, the Irish or the Scottish. : Blended whiskeys are the product of blending different types of whiskey and sometimes other neutral grain spirits, colorings, and flavorings. There are a lot of variables to consider when you are picking out the best Irish whiskey. See More: Do you like your whiskey sweet or strong and aromatic?

Bright gold in color, this spirit is then aged 16 years in ex-American oak bourbon barrels and proofed at 46% ABV. Read our full J.J. Corry The Battalion review. Have you picked out your Irish whiskey yet? This page was updated in March 2020.

This is our top pick for best Irish whiskey in Ireland.

Packaging by That Boutique-y Whisky Company is always eye-catching, but this nod to Father Ted takes it to another level. On the nose, Redbreast 21 Year is nuanced and energetic, with an amazing aroma of fresh tropical fruit, nuttiness, and dried fruit.

With a smoky flavor from peat, Connemara Peated Single Malt 12 Year appeals to fans of Scotch, and it’s the only peated Irish whiskey on the market today. Before getting into the best Irish whiskeys, let’s find out what makes Irish whiskey. Read our full Bushmills 10-year-old single malt whiskey review. These handcrafted Ashcroft whiskey glasses appear to be tilted on their side, designed not to tip over. In 1823 a 31,618-gallon pot still was commissioned for the Midleton Distillery in County Cork, and was so large that it required the room to be built around it. Whisky or whiskey – what’s the difference?Our best ever whiskey cocktailsTop 10 ways to cook with whiskey, The best Irish whiskeyThe best ScotchThe best whisky from around the worldThe best bourbonThe best craft whiskiesAll our gin taste testsThe best mezcalThe best rum, What Irish whiskey do you love? Rounding things off, The Irishman 17 Year Old whiskey was awarded the Irish Single Cask of the Year. Irish whiskey must have a minimum ABV content of 40%. Tyrconnell’s nose evokes fruit with underlying notes of oak. Clontarf’s finish is short, continuing the subtle oak flavors, alongside a slight sweetness and pleasing amount of bitterness. But, away from the usual array of Jamesons and the like, the question remains: what constitutes the best dram on offer from the Emerald Isle? Only water and plain caramel coloring may be added to the distillate, so that it retains its color, aroma, and taste. The Irishman 12 Year Single Malt is matured in first fill, hand-selected, and flame-charred bourbon barrels. You may also notice raw honey, tropical fruits, barrel tannin, and charcoal, fading to a dry and herbal woodiness.

Using Irish spring water, Tyrconnell double distills their Single Malt Irish Whiskey in traditional copper pot still, strictly using barley from the Emerald Isle. RAVE Reviews loves Irish whiskey, and after reading this list, we’re confident you will too. Method And Madness is a small, experimental offering from within the Midleton distillery. With the earthiness of peat, as well as sweet, smooth, and malt flavors, Connemara goes to show the best Irish whiskey can come at a mid-range price. It has a light nose with citrus hints, while on the palate, there’s grape and pear before familiar vanilla notes, with stewed fruit followed by a hint of cocoa and caramel. Best Irish whiskey to buy. When we put together this ranking, we diligently examined hundreds of product reviews from Irish whiskey fans. Unlike with single malt, single pot still doesn’t require 100 per cent malted barley, but is always a blend of malted and unmalted barley, with a minimum of 30 per cent of both in the grist, and no more than 5 per cent of any other grain included. While it’s a light whiskey, there’s plenty going on in the flavour and aroma stakes. Clontarf 1014 Classic Irish Whiskey hails from County Cork. Create an exquisite style for your home or bar with this beautiful whiskey rack. Many Scotch whiskeys are made with peat, and most Irish whiskeys are made without peat, but not all of them. Its lightness means it lends itself well to being used in whisky cocktails. This aging process is responsible for the spirit’s spice and bold character. In 1972, Bushmills joined Irish Distillers. Copyright ©2020 Rave Reviews, All Rights Reserved. : Single malt whiskey is nothing more than whiskey made from a single malt, originating from a single distillery. The archetypal flavours and qualities associated with Irish whiskey are of a light, smooth spirit that still retains complexity and depth. From aged single malts to cask-finished pot still expressions, here are the 12 best Irish whiskeys for 2020, tasted and ranked. No home bar is complete without this two-sided pub sign from Jameson. The nose has vanilla, and creamy smoothness, almost chocolatey at the end. Connemara is a notable exception, and other distilleries have put out peated whiskies, but it is not a common feature. There are also fruit and honey aromas. This can be confusing when talking about a single grain whiskey, which doesn’t mean it only contains one grain, just that it was made entirely on one site. Things got rather dicier in the 20th Century, however. This review was last updated in August 2019. Read our full Egan’s Fortitude whiskey review. It wasn't all good news for Irish distillers though, with an American bourbon taking home the title as the world's best whiskey in 2019. Deep amber gold in color, there’s also chocolate sweetness on the nose, with grainy malt and spice. Made in Cork, Ireland, Green Spot is 80 proof, and one of the few remaining bonded Irish whiskeys.

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