Bon voyage. Happy Holiday!! Hope you don't get food poisoning or a random bout of fever. All packed and ready to set sail..!! Have a safe flight, an awesome presentation, and bon voyage. Bon Voyage. of the big journey. Remember that everyone has iPhones these days and your antics could be up on YouTube. It should embody the meaning of wanderlust. All the best for your presentation and overseas trip. Go for it, and give it your best shot. 26) Traveling is to the mind, what love is to the heart and education is to life… truly enriching. Do you have the slightest idea how handicapped I feel when you are not around? In this post, you are going to explore the best bon voyage messages to send to your friends, family, co-workers, spouse or anyone you know. Loose their luggage in big journeys! I've been an online writer for over eight years. As you depart into a new world tomorrow, or Fais bon voyage (Have a good trip.).. 4) Traveling isn’t only about hopping to different places and new cities. with your near and dear ones 35) As you pack your bags and leave for your holiday, I hope that you never get lost along the way. Bon voyage. Here are ways to say 'bon voyage.'. Good friends bring back gifts for their buddies. with open arms and run into the wild. Bon voyage. Love triumphs over hate, so here are my best wishes for your move. Long have you comforted yourself So go on I will miss you. Meet the strangest of people. Message for a loved one moving abroad: Though the miles may come between us, you'll never be far from my heart. Chilling under the sun, Relaxing under the stars, Sipping on a raspberry cocktail, Getting a Thai foot massage, Trying exotic dishes,Bicycling on unknown routes, Canoeing in small rivulets, Crashing in the hotel's jacuzzi after a tiring day of sightseeing, Learning the language of the locals—. The only reason why I am specially wishing you 'bon voyage' is that I want you to give me lots of goodies when you get back. This is the most exciting and fun section of this post. I love the way you spend whatever you earn on traveling. That is a really cool way to live life. You're just hoping to go on one pub crawl after another, right? and tread upon the steep hills memory to store beautiful moments!! Bon voyage, wishing you happy travels. 23) Traveling isn’t about looking and watching, it’s about feeling and experiencing. May your journey be marked Bon Voyage!! Have a good trip. I hope you come back with lots of memories and souvenirs to share! 18) The secret to really enjoying a holiday lies in switching off your cell phone and staying away from Facebook, Email, Twitter and Instagram. Don't wait for me to say goodbye. Bon Voyage. (Thank you!) Bon voyage. I will miss you dearly every single day. Enjoy your trip! It’s the only way to discover yourself. Cheer with joy. and enjoy it to the fullest Bon voyage, dear friend. 14) The memories of traveling form some of the most fascinating chapters in your life’ book. I never thought you could afford a holiday to Europe since you have never even treated me to a single beer. This card is smudged because I couldn't stop my tears falling onto it as I wrote this message. Bon voyage, mate. and fill your trip with tremendous joy Bon voyage. Have a great business trip. Wherever your travels take you, no matter how far you are from us, don't forget to bring back cool gifts. Bon voyage. Victory and success are written all over your power suit! to start the trip will come so soon. Bon voyage. ‘Bon Voyage’ is a French phrase. I wish you good luck for your new life. 27) May you discover beautiful things, as you fly across the world on a plane with wings. to discover the beauty of life. Think about how you are going to use words that make for the perfect farewell message. But what do you care? Here's to hoping that it happens. and reach there before ice melts. Keep up your A-game mate. You meet several people in life, and should have the courage to pursue the path. Wish you a journey for life, my friend. Wish you a successful and story telling moments. 1) Life is a journey. but don’t forget Bon voyage. That is what will make it more interesting. But never give up Bon Voyage. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); It beens “good journey” in French. This section has some really wonderful and beautiful bon voyage messages for cards. Don't do stupid things on your trip. Holidays always end quickly. you don’t have that film!! and enjoy to the fullest, 28) Life is not about the number of destinations you have seen, but the number of journeys you have experienced. God spare the people of A ride to the country side. while you traverse May you have experiences that change your thinking, as you trot across to far of lands while traveling. 40) The only way to make your travels fantastic, is to nurture an undying penchant for the exotic. So enough time wasted reading this message—get yourself to the airport! what life has in store for you It lets you forget all grieves! Bon voyage. Happy journey. I'm so jealous of you. I wish that you didn't have to go. Bon voyage and have a safe journey. 22) Discover, find, seek, search, rummage, explore, visit, unearth – if you like the sound of these words, I bet you will enjoy your holiday. Bon Voyage. Why should I wish you one? one can acquire. Bon Voyage Messages: A goodbye quote should be sweet and inspirational. Vacations always end too soon. and going away from us Wander as if you’re lost. *********** Bon voyage, xoxo. I know how super-excited you are for your trip. Bon voyage. or Merci beaucoup! Already feeling peaceful!! Bon Voyage Sweet Devil. It’s also about soaking in new cultures and faces. That’s when you’ll discover What you waiting for. Have fun. May your trip never end. So run before it is too late. Muah. Have a great trip, and bring me back a present! to start a journey of thousand miles. 16) You will never understand the true meaning of your life, until you travel and experience how others are living theirs. Bon voyage. 0 0 1. Be safe, carry your medicines, sleep well a day before the flight, carry your money safely, don't forget to take your sleeping bag, be careful that your passport doesn't get stolen, make sure you charge your camera, don't leave your hotel room unlocked. So stop spending time reading this message and get to the airport. Have a safe journey. as it marks the beginning of your trip. You're flying off to exotic islands—lucky you. They say that the journey is more important that the destination. Bon Voyage. Bon voyage. That’s the beauty of travel. Some delightful messages, good wishes and sweet sayings will increase the joy of the traveler. Bon voyage, dear friend. Just kidding—though I would love a beer. But whenever you come back to this city you know that you have another home to stop by. Can't believe that the company is paying for you to go and have a meeting or two on the sunny beaches of California. Looking for more ways to say "Have a good trip?" is that it lets you forget filled with fun and excitement, And feel free to send these messages to the ones going on a trip or a holiday in your social, personal or professional circle. Take a break to welcome you in their abode. Bon voyage. You are only driving to another state. Bon Voyage. the entire world is a tourist place Bon voyage. I envy only two things in life. xoxo. Your reply to "Bon voyage!" 2012-12-20 13:32:08 2012-12-20 13:32:08. 9) Get lost, run out of money and do crazy things – these are the memories from your travels that will last a lifetime. I will miss you much more than you can ever imagine. You go empty handed ********** Bon voyage. The great Achilles waged wars across oceans, traveled with large armies, protected kingdoms, and no one wished him bon voyage. Both of these sentences are still used today, but they tend to be more formal (for the first) or uncommon (for the second). Be safe and keep in touch. You could have made a down payment on a new car instead. Consider this as a short trip Have a wonderful time ahead. Whether it is for a short holiday, business tour or a long vacation – take ideas from this post to dig deep in your soul to find the right thing to say when you have your last hug. that you have been waiting for. js.src = "//"; You will be badly missed. are awaiting your arrival. Bon voyage, dear brother. a true source of knowledge. 38) When you travel with loved ones, it doesn’t matter where you are going – because every place will envelope you with love and happiness. I see your eyes gleaming, your lips breaking into a smile, and your palms clasping each other in excitement. Have a good trip. I am jealous of you not only because you are good looking, charming, confident, and adorable but also because you are going for a fancy holiday. Bon Voyage. Happy journey. a new aspect of life. 2) Life isn’t meant to be lived caged within walls and mindsets. You deserve this one. of life in this trip. It takes a single step Bon Voyage Dear! Bon voyage. It is always good to wish bon voyage to the departing traveler. Here's a toast to a new beginning in your life. Which one are you going to be, mate?

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