No doubt. I didn't like that. When you saw the final version of the film for the first time, were you surprised? He believed in what he wanted to do. by Milord » Fri Sep 05, 2014 5:49 pm, Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot], JUDGEDREDD, ron100 and 300 guests. We had no people from outside. You do service for three weeks a year, which is quite different from a normal army. Cambodia Expats Online: Forum | News | Information | Blog, Cambodia's Most Popular Expat Community Forums: Breaking News | Blogs | Nightlife | Khmer Culture | Information | Living, Working & Moving to Cambodia, Post But what touched me the most deeply was that for several months after the film came out, when people - especially women - recognized me, in Berlin or elsewhere, their eyes opened wide and they said: "It's the guardian angel" …as though they actually took me for an angel. Bruno Ganz: Yes, because the role itself is the first I’ve played of someone who really existed. Seven or eight weeks - four months' reading, watching patients and listening to this tape and then I asked them to provide me with a kind of coach. That means to me that there is still a huge gap… they need an intact icon of the evil itself. The way Wim works is far away from industrial film. RR: I asked him if the circus was to some degree a metaphor for filmmaking, or was I way off. He was really a believer. “The towering outbursts of white-hot rage, subsiding into pathetic self-pity, the fury directed at the alleged ‘betrayal’ of generals who had strained every sinew to fulfill his commands; his cold indifference to the fate of the German people; his last wishes to continue the fight against the Jews . Someone used an expression I found very interesting: he said that the woman was in "the position of discursive authority" [2]. Also writing in the NZZ, Urs Bühler argues that Ganz “knew how to use his presence to fill empty spaces on the screen without dominating them.” For Variety’s Owen Gleiberman, Ganz was “sly, pensive, puckish yet woeful, inwardly commanding, almost always intensely becalmed, an actor with a light in his eye that could radiate anything from merry deviousness to the fiercest of existential distress.”, Existential distress doesn’t get any more fierce than in a scene from Oliver Hirschbiegel’s Downfall (2004) that’s become one of the most popular memes of the past decade. The costume designer had put some things together and brought them to Wim's office, and then we returned to the question of the new clothing after we shot the final scenes of Damiel as an angel and we did in fact manage to choose a new suit of clothes. Every speech the first eight years is about the Versailles Treaty and always it ends with him promising people that he will be the saviour of the German people. For her part, Schygulla couldn’t relate to the methods Ganz had developed during his Schaubühne days. He takes risks. All this arms traffic and weapons smuggling, this Russian mafia story, and then back to Hitler, Heinz Rühmann for 20 minutes, I didn't like that. However I regret that Wim was treated very harshly at the Cannes Film Festival. Wim Wenders would have liked to make a film that attracted two million viewers. It’s the period he is strong and the audience should be aware that he was really not stupid and that he was a powerful man. Bruno Ganz sat down with us recently during a press tour in Los Angeles to discuss his latest work. RR: I have noticed that Homer has a relation to Cassiel while Peter Falk and Marion are more connected to Damiel. I was very ashamed and I felt terrible. But he didn't deserve that. How would he express himself, and is he angry? Talking to Speer (pictured: Ganz with Heino Ferch as Albert Speer) he mentions it once. The private conversation was actually with Mannerheim, the Commander of Finnish Forces during World War II. I watched it and thought to myself: it's not bad, it's OK. [2] In "Angels, Fiction and History in Berlin: Wim Wenders' Wings of Desire," The Germanic Review 66, 1 (Winter 1991), p. 46, Roger Cook cites a passsage from Kaja Silverman's "Disembodying the Female Voice," in which she wrote: "[In classical cinema], the female subject [...] is excluded from positions of discursive authority. That’s not nothing. "You have to protect your soul. He had lots of ways of seducing people; even his frequent self-pity was a weapon to make people respond. Did you have to do the same thing in order to be him? And he takes enormous risks with respect to financing. And it was completely relaxed. But you know, Wim was in love with Solveig Dommartin [who played Marion] and he did everything he could to elevate her. It shows the Third Reich crumbling amid the bang of bombs and the whimper of recrimination. How can we not side with a character played by Bruno Ganz at his most radiantly handsome, an actor who can manage to perform the deceptively simple but in fact challenging feat of making a mild and fundamentally decent family man both interesting and charismatic?”. Get info about new releases, essays and interviews on the Current, Top 10 lists, and sales. I don’t know what evil itself is. It is chillingly authentic.”. My first shooting day I went from the trailer across the street to the set which was the old Nazi embassy and people stared at me. Delivering one of his most subtly moving performances in Wim Wenders’s Wings of Desire (1987), Ganz plays Damiel, one in a flock of angels who wander the still-divided city of Berlin, listening in on the innermost thoughts of people unaware of their presence. Do you have any particular memories in connection with the shooting of that scene? Around fifteen years into an off-and-on career in movies, Ganz starred in Eric Rohmer’s The Marquise of O (1976). ", • The 10 most controversial films in cinema, Olivier Hirschbiegel, the director of Downfall, says:"They just got it wrong. We want to get close, but not too close.” One of the film’s harshest critics argued in an open letter published in Die Zeit, a widely read weekly in Germany, that Downfall takes its viewers “into a black hole in which they are led, almost unnoticeably, toward looking at this time through the eyes of the perpetrators, and generates a kind of benevolent understanding of them.” That critic was Wim Wenders.

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