A few weeks ago we were playing and the same thing happened to me (rolled 7, lost half my cards). His name is said to be Rob de Hood, and supposedly he is only taking from rich travelers. The truth is that the robber is a harmless fellow who is merely taken advantage of by the players, for the sake of their own benefit. Thus, the important thing is that you're consistent.

In Catan Cities & Knights, can you use a Knight action before you roll the dice?

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Until 2002, he used to appear in the shape of a black, lathe-turned game piece, to plague the terrains of Catan and stall their resource production. The opposite way to play the robber is to become “Mr Nice Guy”. It further breaks the rules to move it out of turn and not on a 7. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Some may say that the Robber has become soft over the years. This isn't the kind of thing that the rules would account for since it's basically "we didn't follow the rules, what are the rules for that?"

The Friendly Robber is an official variant for The Settlers of Catan and its expansions. Settlers of Catan: Cities and Knights - Rule Clarificarions, Catan - Cities & Knights - Barbarian Attack, Selected radio button shows user more content. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. We’ve all had turns where we’ve rolled a number and gratefully hoovered up a single resource only to find that another player has two cities on the other hexagon with the same number and is rolling in wealth. For example, it seems that he was swallowed by dogs, which surely happened because he was touched with hands still sticky from clasping burgers and fries. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. You can also metagame allies. How to deal with a player who showed his hands to influence the robber?

Her hand is likely to contain a lot of grain resources so by robbing her you can maximise your chance of getting the grain you need. True you might be unlucky and pull the one wood card out of the grain but that’s probably going to cramp Ethel’s game more. Actually, I always saw him as a group of three harmless, maybe even likeable robbers. What kind of tournaments are you playing? Good article! But he is good-hearted and couldn’t harm anybody, not even a sheep. What's the difference between \underline and \underbar? It’s easy to see his presence as malign, a way to hinder your collection of resources and a waste of a turn you could be using to build your latest city by-pass to grab two points for the longest road. SO, does this mean that anyone with eight or Some robbers experienced a hot finale in the fireplace, and others were simply lost.

Do what you want, I would argue that since it breaks the rules to have not moved the robber that further breaking the rules to "fix" it is wrong. If Ethel has just robbed Fred and you then rob Ethel, you could be looked on more favourably by Fred.

still gets the relief they should have had for a few turns already. What do other players do in this situation? Your case is not listed, so your case is not an exception. When using this rule, you still lose half of your resource cards when a seven "7" is rolled and you have more than 7 resource cards. Regardless, if players choose to use only the "Friendly" Robber, then the Robber should not attack or block the hex of any player that only has the starting amount of Victory Points (2 in the base game) or less. I think the first sentence is sufficient evidence: the rule does not care about why you do not receive resources (except as qualified by the second sentence), so your case counts too. There is only so much you can do to hinder somebody – fighting them for juicy settlement spots can be geographically impossible, monopoly cards are rare, trade boycotts are not so effective in the late game against a developed, self-sufficient economy. Can a jet stream make a subsonic plane fly at a supersonic speed relative to the ground? I think that once the next player roles the robber can no longer be moved. Usually people won't be a dick over that since it also makes them look like a dick. Realistically that violates the well-known rule of gaming: “Don’t be a d*ck”. That being said, automatically blocking the hexagons which have a higher chance of coming up isn’t always necessarily the best option.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. Can you collect a resource of your choice if you have no production due to the robber?

It makes more sense to place the robber in some hexagons than others.

Personally, I think the robber has great potential as an Enforcer against a leader. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. The sum of the dice determines which terrain hexes produce resources. Is it safe to continue live here? However, before you throw your coffee cup at the dog and take a bite out of the cardboard box in sheer frustration take a breath – you’re probably going to see the robber a couple of times each game so you may as well make a friend of him. Am I bringing my character back to life too much? If you play like an arse, then expect someone to be an arse back. The official rule is that you must move the robber, if you don't and it's intentional then the player is simply cheating if it's not intentional then there is no "official" method to correct play mistakes. The advantage the robber gives you is that not only do you get a chance to deplete another player’s resource pile but nobody else gets any resources either. Too few resource cards to distribute, but only one player receiving that resource type. Since then, they are available for everyone at the Catan Shop. Catan - Altern ative Rules: Robber When a 7 is rolled you can put the robber on any hex. Strange stories are coming out of the dark woods of the Black Forest, hinting that Isebold and his dreaded robbers have disappeared without a trace, and that a young lad has taken his place.

Now the idea of telling little stories suggested itself – stories that would make the daily routines of the robbers on Catan come alive. Thus the gods at Catan have spoken, despite using slightly sketchy language in their published rules. Until another "7" is rolled or another situation occurs where the Robber may be moved, the hex on which the Robber stands does not produce any resources or commodities. I probably wouldn’t do this with certain people I game with, but then there are others it where it would be fun. You don’t really want to block your own resource sources unless you have to.

Blocking this hexagon could dry up wood for everyone – no roads, no settlements and a game that relies almost totally on action cards because that’s all anyone can build. The rules text for Aqueduct is If, when the dice are rolled for production, you do not receive any resources or commodities, you may take any one resource of your choice from the bank. In Catan, should you try to exclude others players from one resource? 2 turns later he noticed and the other players allowed him to move the robber (off their resource and onto mine, I wasn't happy). Your dice roll, another player’s gain. The player who rolled it had to give up half of his cards and was distracted so he forgot to move the robber. Horizontal alignment under a character (word). In our games, if the robber doesn't get moved, he is placed in the dessert as soon as it's noticed and the person who didn't move him loses half his resource cards. What benefit would a deity gain from spreading out a conflict over a long period of time? If you keep picking on the same player every time you have the robber you’re going to irritate them. The greater the irritation the easier the player is to beat.

It helps people pay attention, because if you get burned enough times you remember to look for everything before you pass the dice.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. From this cockpit picture I cannot identify this aircraft. It is likely that, in the setup, there will be two or maybe even three players round the easiest supply of wood. Others state that the Robber came only later when the rival powers came to divide the island. If no settle ments or cities border that hex you can take one of that hex's resource The robber cannot be moved for the first two rounds If a 7 is rolled, everyone picks the resource of their choice The robber cannot be placed on a … Since the beginning, the Robber, descended from the strongest legionnaire of the Roman army and possibly even from Neanderthals, has been spreading trouble across the isles of Catan. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. That idea brings us nicely on to the metagaming associated with the robber. If you are nice then…well still expect someone to be an arse. site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. Blocking the “12” hexagon isn’t going to have anything like the impact of blocking a “6” hexagon (for example), simply because (on average) the “6” hexagon will come up five times more often than the “12”. There are a few rules in regards to the robber: Every player that has 8 RESOURCES OR MORE is forced to discard half of their resources (if the player has an odd number, such as 9, that player would round down to 4) Obtaining the correct Log-likelihood function.

Players who can see you’re making every effort to minimise the robber’s impact are unlikely to go grumpy even if they are affected, which is a nice way to steal resources from them without upsetting them. Later they were given away for free at various events. The first thing the robber is good for is stealing resources. This presents less strategic gain but does irritate the bejeezus out of them. What happens is that the robber doesn't always end up safely in the box after a game. It simply adds an additional rule, regarding The Robber. Reverse Robber makes the person rolling a “7” place the robber on tiles in a distinct order of locations. To me, the robber never was the villain many people see in him.

Also, taking one person out of the game like that would make no sense whatsoever since it could give one player a massive advantage.

More casually your group has to pick something and apply it consistently. It further breaks the rules to move it out of turn and not on a 7. The truth is that the robber is a harmless fellow who is merely taken advantage of by the players, for the sake of their own benefit.

Can I steal from a city with a city wall? ( Log Out /  The Harbormaster Card – Originally released in the Atlantis scenario box, then subsequently available online: harbormaster.pdf. and discard half of them. I think /u/braney86's approach is a reasonable one, but that brings up the problem that someone might intentionally forget in order to leave the robber in its place. I take full blame for not moving the robber off my resource, but was wondering if there was an official rule when this happens. And he doesn't always end up safely in the box after a game. Of course, it goes without saying, you can restrict a player who’s not doing as well as you.

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