Job Application; CONTACT; Current Fires. The website says it was designed as a way to "show real-time fire information and aggregate data." A juvenile was taken into custody on alleged connection to the Saddle Fire, and 3 other fires in the local area. State and federal agencies report 816 fires have already been determined to be human-caused with another 101 unknown. Four people were in the vehicle, including the driver who was on parole, according to a police affidavit. Utah fire officials have noted for some time how sparks from vehicles or a flat fire can cause a fire. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. It doesn’t matter what sparks a fire, natural and human causes have been equally destructive in terms of fire size this year. Or neither? Click on each fire icon to gain more intel on each fire. The fire is burning near 1000 East Cascade Drive in Orem, according to fire officials. Sign up for the The Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, Utah Department of Natural Resources and its Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands — the agencies that comprise most of the state and federal agencies that fight wildfires in the state and run Utah Fire Info — oversee the dashboard. As the passengers were getting out, a glass pipe used to smoke drugs could be heard breaking on the ground, according to police. SALT LAKE CITY — A new online wildfire dashboard released last week now provides Utahns a better look not only at the fires currently burning in the state but also trends of previously reported wildfires — and that’s quite a lot of information to take in this year. Caused by exploding target. One quirk within the red dots is the patterns one can find with them. As Peterson was running, officers noticed he was “reaching with his right hand in his waistband and appeared to be attempting to grab something from his waist,” the affidavit states. In addition, the map lists seven active large fires currently burning. This page was last edited on 18 October 2020, at 21:19. Officials say fireworks caused the wildfire and forced evacuations early Sunday morning. Human causes, such as leaving a campfire unattended or from the spark of a vehicle, are by far the primary reason for wildfires in Utah. So, you can see where a 1-acre human-caused fire happened near Beck Street in Salt Lake City on Aug. 22 or where the 78,000-acre Canal Fire in Millard County started. [6] Throughout the early season, record-breaking numbers of fires (especially human-caused) exceeded previous season equivalents. The Traverse Fire burns near homes in Lehi, Utah, in June. The average natural-caused blaze was about 436 acres, as of Thursday morning. Caused by lightning. Osterkamp sees the dashboard as an advantage for people heading out for recreational activities to curb wildfires. I’ve tried to be as sensitive to the discomfort that that has caused as I can be, but ultimately, I still feel like it was important to do," Tara Westover said about writing "Educated. When officers told Peterson he was under arrest for his warrants, he ran, police say. Caused by lightning. It entered the perimeter of the Wire Pass fire that burned a month prior. Tweets by UtahCountyFD. One of his guns was determined to be stolen out of Farmington. Photograph: Justin Reeves/AP “What that has left us with is forests that have been fire-starved. Fourteen were human-caused, 10 were natural-caused, and one was listed as unknown. But government officials quickly decided to release it to the public as an informative look at the fire season. By All Rights Reserved, Man with 2 guns fires shot while being chased by officers, police say, BYU grad, ‘Educated’ author Tara Westover talks family estrangement, writing memoir, "I’m breaking a big rule in the family, which is not to talk about it. Caused by target shooting. This lag happens because the cause of a fire wasn’t known at the time it was called in, and it may take days for investigators to determine a cause.

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