Nearly every country has very strict laws concerning espionage, and the penalty for being caught is often severe. Synonyme und Gegenteile werden verwendet: "Das Wort Fahrrad gilt als Synonym für Rad. Alle ENGLISCH Synonyme, die mit 'E' beginnen, In allen offiziellen Collins Wörterbüchern browsen. Another word for spy. Company Information Counterespionage included the use of turned Double Cross agents to misinform Nazi Germany of impact points during the Blitz and internment of Japanese in the US against "Japan's wartime spy program". [citation needed]. However espionage laws are also used to prosecute non-spies. In the early 21st century, the act was used to prosecute officials who communicated with US journalists, such as Thomas Andrews Drake and Stephen Jin-Woo Kim[13]. Schließlich vermeidet das Synonymwörterbuch die Wiederholung von Wörtern im selben Text, um den Schreibstil zu verbessern. Change the target language to find translations. ○   Wildcard, crossword Bei der Verwendung von Synonymen ändert der Satz seine Bedeutung nicht. The ancient writings of Chinese and Indian military strategists such as Sun-Tzu and Chanakya contain information on deception and subversion. In United States law, treason, espionage and spying are separate crimes, the former two of which have graduated punishment levels, the latter for which death is a mandatory sentence. Wikiquote has a collection of quotations related to: Strategic economic strengths (production, research, manufacture, infrastructure), Unwitting double agent, an agent who offers or is forced to recruit as a double or re-doubled agent and in the process is recruited by either a third party intelligence service or his own government without the knowledge of the intended target intelligence service or the agent. Feudal Japan often used ninja to gather intelligence. Lerner, Brenda Wilmoth & K. Lee Lerner, eds. Top Synonyme für espionage (andere Wörter für espionage) sind spying, intelligence und surveillance. They can also find dissidents within the enemy's forces and influence them to defect. Diese Synonyme dienen nur der Information. Espionage is inherently clandestine, as it is taken for granted that it is unwelcome and, in many cases, illegal and punishable by law. [5] The United States, like most nations, conducts espionage against other nations, under the control of the National Clandestine Service. Im weiteren Sinne wird der Begriff Spionage für Handlungen durch Staaten, deren spezielle Organisationen, politische Gruppierungen, z. Over the years many spies, such as the Soble spy ring, Robert Lee Johnson, the Rosenberg ring, Aldrich Hazen Ames,[11] Robert Philip Hanssen,[12] Jonathan Pollard, John Anthony Walker, James Hall III, and others have been prosecuted under this law. The SensagentBox are offered by sensAgent. the systematic use of spies to get military or political secrets. In larger networks the organization can be complex with many methods to avoid detection, including clandestine cell systems. The practice or employment of spies; the practice of watching the words and conduct of others, to make discoveries, as spies or secret emissaries; secret watching. Unlike other forms of intelligence collection disciplines, espionage usually involves accessing the place where the desired information is stored, or accessing the people who know the information and will divulge it through some kind of subterfuge.

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