The Trieste's other infantry colonel, Umberto Zanetti, commanding the 66th, was also killed - on July 22nd. " Liberation of Belsen Ze slaagden er niet in een doorgang te vinden en werden ondertussen hevig onder vuur genomen en verloren zo dertien tanks. Pegasus Bridge Most of the content on this site is created by our users, who are members of the Point 63, at the western end of the ridge, overlooked the Panzerarmee's reserve artillery and a number of Axis headquarters, and the entire area was at the centre of Rommel's line. Then came the smoke. On 1 July 1942, the Axis forces commenced their advance. After being pushed back to Egypt from Libya, the British Eighth Army began to fall back to the El Alamein line on the 26th of June, 1942 and, on the 30th of June all British forces had fallen back behind the El Alamein defences. De 69e Infanterie Brigade zou door de opening in het mijnenveld, gecreëerd door de Zuid-Afrikanen, naar Deir el Dhib trekken om verdere openingen te markeren. [15] Barton Maughan, Australia's official historian that covered the battles of El Alamein, minimizes the Axis success, writing that "two forward platoons of the 2/32nd's left company were overrun, 22 men were taken prisoner" and implies that the attackers belonged to the German 164th Division.[16]. VE Day Placentia Bay Conference Om de druk op de Ruweisat-bergkam de verminderen beval Auchinleck de 9e Australische Divisie nogmaals een aanval vanuit het noorden uit te voeren. An attempt to hold onto Tobruk failed. Siege of Tobruk Navarini, commander of XXI Corps, immediately sent a battalion of the 7th Bersaglieri and a battalion of the 46th Artillery to block the road…. Opnieuw was de 90e Lichte Infanteriedivisie niet in staat om vorderingen te maken, dus beval Rommel het Afrika Korps hun plannen te wijzigen en via Alam el Onsol naar het oosten, richting de Ruweisat-bergkam, te trekken om de 90e Lichte Infanteriedivisie helpen door stoten naar de kustweg. Onderdelen van de Duitse 164e Lichte divisie en de Italiaanse Trieste-divisie, die net arriveerde, moesten de openingen die in de As-verdedigingslinie waren geslagen opvullen. Syrian Campaign Om de Mersa Matruh-linie te verdedigen plaatste Ritchie de 10e Indische Infanteriedivisie in Mersa Matruh zelf en de 50e Indische Infanteriedivisie ongeveer 24 km verder naar de kust in Gerawla. El Alamein itself was surrounded by an incomplete line of fortifications (another of the 'boxes'), but south of that the desert was open. Monte Cassino. 17 July also saw Kesselring and Cavallero, Rommel's superiors in the Mediterranean, visit his HQ. Op 25 juni verving Claude Auchinleck, die opperbevelhebber in het Midden-Oosten was, Neil Ritchie en nam zelf het bevel over het Achtste Leger op zich. Ze beslisten Auchinleck te vervangen en benoemde luitenant generaal William Gott tot nieuwe bevelhebber van het Achtste Leger en generaal Harold Alexander werd de nieuwe opperbevelhebber in het Midden-Oosten. The aim was to breach a section of the line held by Italian troops, the more brittle element in Rommel’s army. ( Log Out /  Change ), Brief History: Countries Beginning with ‘B’, Monarchs of England: House of Plantagenet. The German armored attack and the skills and experience of his Italian troops saved the day, and Rommel knew this. Deze werd ondersteund door 8 tanks. De extra tijd die ze wonnen zorgde ervoor dat Auchinleck de westelijke verdediging aan het einde van de Ruweisat-bergkam kon organiseren. Ook de asmogendheden dachten dat de inname van Egypte nabij was, de Italiaanse leider Benito Mussolini, die een historisch moment voelde aankomen, vloog naar Libië om er zijn triomfantelijke intocht naar Caïro voor te kunnen bereiden. Rommel’s final offensive in Africa; The final Allied assault and the German collapse Despite some initial success, various Italian units held out stubbornly until the morning of 22nd July and prevented the capture of Ruweisat Ridge. Hiroshima and Nagasaki All were reported killed or captured, having fought very bravely and well against the Australian 2/32nd Battalion. Battle for the Gothic Line In de vroege namiddag had de 90e Lichte Infanteriedivisie zichzelf bevrijd van de defensieve stelling nabij El Alamein en hun opmars richting het oosten hervat. The BBC is not responsible for the content of any external sites Find out more about the authors who wrote them. De aanval door de 161e Indische Brigade kende gemengde successen. Ongeveer 350 Nieuw-Zeelanders werden gevangengenomen. Rommel launched the Afrika Korps on one last attempt at 1600 hours, but it was stopped nine miles east of Deir el Shein. De 69e Infanterie Brigade verloor zeshonderd man en de Australiërs verloren er vierhonderd in deze strijd. Image: Public Domain. The machine-gun also played up a bit after 5,000 rounds. On 3 July, the 4th New Zealand Brigade, supported by four artillery batteries, attacked the Ariete Armoured Division forward positions, taking 350 prisoners and capturing or destroying 24 field guns and six or eight tanks. The depression was impassable to large military formations, and especially to armour. They experienced fighting around and on the Ruweisat Ridge in the middle of the line and although the British were too disorganised to repulse the attack entirely, the DAK were too tired to advance further and lost 11 more tanks, leaving them with only 26. Rommel's army was suffering from a chronic shortage of fuel, transport and other supplies, but the man dubbed the Desert Fox was convinced that one more push eastwards would get him into Cairo. [1][2] Unfortunately for Rommel, the British discovered this security breach and the deciphered daily reports to Washington coming from Colonel Bonner Fellers (US military attache in Cairo), stopped almost a week after the fall of Tobruk. Dit laatste bevel raakte niet tot bij de Brigade en deze zetten de aanval in zoals gepland was. The German 621st Radio Intercept Company and 835 Italians from the Sabratha are captured. The authors of Rommel’s North Africa Campaign describe the advance as follows: The Ariete, which had six or eight tanks and 1,000 men, advanced south during the night while the Trieste was ordered to cover her flank, but, instead remained in the same place due to the disorganization caused by enemy air attacks. He was replaced by Alexander as Commander-in-Chief in the Middle East, Montgomery as commander of the Eighth Army and General Maitland Wilson as commander-in-chief Persia and Iraq Command (a shrunken version of Churchill's original idea for a reduced Middle East Command). 7th Light Armoured Division was further south, watching the German 90th Light Division. De Eerste Slag bij El Alamein was een beslissende veldslag in Noord-Afrika tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog.De slag vond plaats nabij El Alamein in Egypte tussen 1 juli 1942 en 27 juli 1942.Aan de zijde van de asmogendheden vocht het Afrikakorps, onder het bevel van veldmaarschalk Erwin Rommel.De geallieerde zijde bestond uit het Britse Achtste Leger aangevoerd door generaal Claude … Allies: General Claude Auchinleck's 8th Army consisting of 30th Corps, 13th Corps and 10th Corps (British, Australian, South African, Indian, New Zealand and French troops). 1st Armoured Division was on the left flank of the New Zealanders, and the 22nd Armoured Brigade was provide support for the attack. Aangezien Ritchie bijna geen enkele pantsereenheden over had die nog geschikt waren voor de strijd zou de infanterie daar volledig onder de voet gelopen worden. On the same day the Australians attacked towards Miteiriya, on the southern side of their salient on the coast, and once again defeated part of the Sabratha division, before withdrawing to their original positions. Medical Units The attack was cancelled at 1000 hours, ending the first battle of El Alamein. Alamein, 1933-1962 (Guerre fasciste e seconda guerra mondiale) (Italian Edition) Kesselring realised that Rommel was now in a very dangerous position, at the extreme end of his supply lines, and facing a British army that had clearly recovered from the Gazala defeat. Rommel raakte gefrustreerd omdat het hervatten van het offensief bleek te mislukken. De geallieerde zijde bestond uit het Britse Achtste Leger aangevoerd door generaal Claude Auchinleck. 12-13, Cambridge University Press, 2006, "However, the official history mentions the capture of only twenty-two men and implies they were captured by Germans; the battalion history states that 101 men were captured by Germans.

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