The cooking surface of the Granite Stone Diamond grill has been infused with a diamond coating. If cooking times differ, just be sure to monitor each food while they are cooking. As you cook your food, this solid aluminum disk will help ensure that heat is transferred quickly and evenly throughout the pan, so there won't be any burned spots or cold spots. Plus, if your stovetop ever accidentally catches on fire while you're cooking, your pan likely won't end up getting damaged in that situation, either. This helps to prevent food from sticking and getting wasted. Doing so can cause the power to short, rending your grill useless. Each one of these pans comes with a recipe book that'll help you use the pan to cook a wide variety of dishes. After your food is off the surface and it has cooled off, take the device apart to clean it. Food doesn’t stick to it, and you can clean in a dishwasher. Cleaning? It boasts some safety features and is equipped with an always accurate temperature gauge that makes cooking the perfect piece of meat a breeze. Wash the grill and other water-safe parts (see instruction manual) in a mixture of warm water and dish detergent. The Gotham Steel Diamond Granite Pan can be used safely in an oven, as long as the oven's temperature isn't any higher than 500 degrees Fahrenheit. 14-inch Granite stone frying pan review, 5. You can change your mind at any time and disable notifications. As soon as you begin to rinse the pan, any food remnants that haven't made it to a dish or plate will slide off into your sink, giving you a smooth inner surface to wash. If you happen to feel unbalanced while carrying your pan, just add an oven mitt to your non-dominant hand and place it against the side of the pan without a handle. The diameter of this pan is fairly generous, but it's unfortunate that the pan's round and quite shallow as opposed to being square and deeper. Thanks to the Cool-Touch handle, you can rest assured that you won't get burned when you go to move or pick up the grill after it has been used. Gotham Steel Diamond Granite Pan or Alternatives, - - - - Not Required For Comments & Questions, Gotham Steel Diamond Granite Pan Reputation Management, Tap Here to find Different Reviews on AMAZON. If you want the quick and even heating of food that's been promised by this pan's designers, you must be careful not to overload the pan. Granite Stone Diamond is a versatile product. No matter what type of utensils you use to move food around within it, it's diamond granite finish won't flake off in any way and accidentally end up in your food. Granite Stone Diamond is a non-stick electric grill that has been specifically designed for use within the home and other buildings. The material that it is made of can also resist Non-Stick Pans We know that cooking can be a hassle. Hear Why Happy Customers LOVE "What I love most is that it's non-stick, so I don't have to use the butters, I don't have to use the oils, and I can eat healthier."

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