They are lightweight, strong and really powerful when bled. Steady solid and consistent!! Hayes HFX-9's, Shimano Saints, Formula The One's ( Greg Minaar Limited Edition's ) Hope V2's. It is now 2008 and believe it or not, I just barely replaced the pads for the very first time. I loved the adjustments on offer and spent a fair amount of time honing their feel out on the trail. 5 weeks ago I bought the stainless braided hoses. Pop into any Hope dealer and you can source every nut and bolt, every seal and piston for pretty much every brake it has ever made. Do what they say!! If you prefer easier adjustment, go for the Tech 3 E4 brakes, but otherwise the Evo E4’s are a top choice and perform brilliantly. The Minis won the shootout and since I was in the market for new brakes, I went right out and bought them. |, USD $195.00 Some of them have been brilliant, and others… have been less so. We bolted 10 sets of brakes to our test bikes, with a 200mm rotor up front and 180mm at the rear, and scraped our way down descents, checking for power, feel, fade, modulation and reliability. Login/cookie issues? Hmm, I would personally find other things to spend my money on first. Don't miss out on MBUK – get your next 3 issues for just £5, Get the next 3 issues of the UK's number one cycling magazine for just £5, Power on tap, with top consistency and legendary after-sales, GBP £175.00 RRP I would not recommend Hope products anymore. It’s also worth noting that as with all Hope components, should anything go wrong, they sell spare parts to allow the caliper to be repaired rather than simply consigned to the bin – something that in a throwaway age is refreshing. You've been subscribed to our newsletter. The new generation uses brackets so its easier. It would be a lie to say that there was any immediate night and day difference in performance. They are still going strong, cannondale came with avids, they were soon replaced with old hope set. Or £35 stainless steel option and £16 for fork/frame mount. They have excellent lever feel and stop me very well from speed. So, all that remains is to choose between the black, purple, red, orange, blue and silver anodised finish, and buy a £45 to £50 floating rotor to match, if you really want to colour coordinate your steed. The only time I have a problem there is extended downhill when my fingers get tired but that is more due to my choice in rotor size than brake strength. This may be the reason for some other not so hot reviews. Oh you can't anymore!! They have been great stoppers with no fading. © Copyright 2020 VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved. By entering your details, you are agreeing to BikeRadar terms and conditions. When researching your next brake purchase, it's also a good idea to examine the best brake cables, brake hoses and fittings, brake levers, brake calipers, brake rotors, and brake pads. The RX4s come with a pair of organic and a pair of sintered pads. Minimal in the grand scheme of things, but will disappoint some who would like an upgrade to save them weight. They have held up really well. People, don't be confused. Already have an account with us? Lever feel remained more consistent on long descents than with the SRAM calipers (which I’ve found firm up at the lever slightly after long, steep descents that require a lot of braking), but there was a little of the familiar firming up after a while. The extra bite is achieved is through the use of 16mm trailing and 14mm lead pistons within the machined caliper – the E4 uses 14mm all round. If you want to have something a bit different, love Hope, want to add some colour to your bike, then by all means upgrade, I doubt you’ll be disappointed. |, EUR €220.00 While considering the components and color scheme for my new enduro bike, I was attracted, like a butterfly hovering over a flame, to Hope Techs’ wide rainbow assortment of mouth-watering, eye-candy-like anodized hydraulic brakes and shifters. Added to this was the industrial look of the Tech 3s; before you even tug it in anger they look like they could stop a 747 dead on the runway. The RX4s took little time to bed in, and felt up to power after a couple of short, sharp stops. Overall, everything from the rock solid, dimpled lever blade to the large, glove-friendly bite point and reach adjusting dials is well thought out and easy to tweak. After splashing through a gritty puddle, it seemed to take less time for the Hope to lose the familiar gritty, grating soundtrack that most of us will have had to endure all winter. david lloyd • … caliper) These are better then the new Hope Mono Mini which has stock gold caliper cover and the newest generation with silver caliper but black cover. The Tech 3 lever is slightly heavier than the more pared back Race option (around 40g), but what it loses in weight and titanium hardware it gains in on-the-fly adjustment, with tool-free reach and bite-point adjustment available via large glove-friendly dials. There are more powerful brakes out there, but thanks to the quality finish and impressive modulation, the Hope Tech 3 E4 brakes take the mantle as the Best Engineered brake … System type: Open More single piece wizardry from the Lancashire machinists. This thread is for the 'Hope Mini' (old style 2 pcs. British company Hope has long been one of the a familiar disc brake brand in the mountain bike world. Hope makes some nice stuff, I have their hubs on one of my rigs, but seriously, just buy Shimano brakes, best bang for your buck, and nearly maintenance free. Damn ;-((. When they were on the kona, they were put to their paces and done tracks such as fort william and glencoe. Bleeding was as straightforward as with the stock SRAM calipers, although it took a couple of attempts to get the front feeling as firm as I wanted – I put that down to my rustiness in bleeding the brakes rather than a fault of the caliper. modulation. Hope was one of the first companies to make hydraulic disc brakes for bicycles, back in the hazy mists of time, some time shortly after the Jurassic period – the 1990s. Both variations of the brake are available in post and flat mount options. We also ran the Hope floating road brake rotors. I If you want a DH brake that does DH and long DH runs get M4's or 6's there designed for that ! We can’t remember the last gravel or cross bike that we tested that didn’t at least come with cable-operated brakes. Reviewed: Hope RX4 hydraulic disc caliper (post mount, SRAM compatible version). Hope Tech 3 E4 disc brake review. Pros: Light weight for the stopping power, beautiful very well made. The 74mm post mount (2000/1 Manitou) requires a special bracket and larger disc. On the trail, I felt the power was perfectly adequate for the vast majority of users and, although they lacked the initial grab of other comparable setups, there was plenty of stopping force and nice modulation available to quickly ramp braking up to optimum levels for the trail conditions. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. Frontier 300 – Back on for 2021, 10 Forests, 20 gravel sectors, 30 hour limit, Unhurried | The John Muir Way with Markus Stitz. Easy to setup after shimming! The most affordable type of mountain bike disc brake is a mechanical brake. Now it works perfect! Contact Us Hope Mini Disc Brake System user reviews : 4.2 out of 5 - 198 reviews. When I replaced the pads is when I ran into my first problem with these brakes. There’s a banjo bolt for neat cable routing and the top entry pads make maintenance simple. Finally, it is stating the obvious, but worth noting that you will need some more of whatever oil your brake takes to complete the fitting/bleed. Almost all rim brakes are mechanical, meaning they are cable-actuated. Unlike flat bars, shifting and braking is obviously combined in STIs (technically Shimano Total Integration, but pretty much a ubiquitous term, and we can’t quite bring ourselves to say “brifter”). Also, if some manufacturers are increasingly guilty of going down the ‘if it’s broke, throw it out’ path, then Hope is at the opposite end of the scale. Where the Hope brakes score highly for me is the control they offer. You can unsubscribe at any time. |, USD $220.00 rotor/caliper alignment requires shimming. The Hope Tech 3 V4 is their flagship high powered brake and sits just above their E4 when we’re talking power. I certainly won’t be removing them now the review is done. Their tech does not know any more than the next guy. The RX4s are a very nice bit of kit that works very well, with few downsides. I chose to run the organics, as I have always preferred the feel that organic pads offer. Avid BB7, Juicy 7 Hayes 9 Hope Mono Mini, Hope M4 Shimano LX, XT, XTR. Get the latest mountain bike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the MTBR Newsletter. Fitting and adjusting the one-piece caliper is a breeze, too. Brake!! Over time, I began to appreciate some subtle differences. At £175 per end, the Hope Tech 3 E4 undercuts quite a few of the top end brakes but you will still need to add £45 for the two-piece floating rotor. Since 2003 these brakes have performed well. It certainly doesn’t remove the issue altogether – don’t expect a completely silent ride in all weathers, but things are definitely better. Cannondale codas, Magura Julies, Avid Juicy 5,7,Carbon. However, full power did require a bit more of a squeeze, so long and steep descents could prove harder on the forearms. With a very impressive system weight of 256g, comparing well with the competition (304g for Shimano XT four-pots for example), the price felt very reasonable, and I found the Tech 3/E4 combination very hard to see beyond. Hope’s dependable and serviceable four-pot powerhouse. Properly engineered kit, works and is simple to maintain and fix. Every single part, seal and bolt is replaceable, these have to be the most repairable and customisable brakes on the market, and I love that about them, and long may it continue. Had new xt, saint and these and they are the best by a large margin. Their better power and modulation made complete sense on off-road bikes. I now have zero complaints but since I haven't tried other discs I will give four chillies for overall rating. It’s one of the lightest brakes I’ve tested in recent times and it looks like Hope could have achieved that balance of power and weight without compromising general performance. Simple works, though, so I’m not knocking it one bit. My wifes bike has Avid Juicy 5 and I have demoed bikes with Hayes and Shimano. It should not be this difficult to fix brakes. Initially it took some time to properly shim the brakes and after some time when I noticed some squeal on the rear, I had to reshim it. After many months of grim, grim conditions the RX4s are still on their original pads – long after I would normally have expected to have had to swap out stock SRAM ones.

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