Otherwise, do what thou wilt - that shall be the whole of the law. Passions more dangerous than either human or beast. Ask a Lover to follow you someplace private. Google problems. Highly recommend using a mod manager like. Luxury Suite - bathing beauties or beefcake. HALP! It is required to complete this quest before other Amorous Adventures in Solitude will open up.IMPORTANT: After completing Elisif's Tribute she will have a dialogue option to start the Base Game quest to become Thane of Haafingarhttp://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Thane_of_HaafingarMake sure you get that dialogue option and the quest. Your mileage may vary - what worked for me may not work for you. Talk to her until she runs out of topics.---| WALKTHROUGH by STAGES:STAGE 5: Speak to Serana at the beginning of Chasing Echoes.STAGE 10: Speak to Serana After finding the Moon Dial in the garden. Or if you consider yourself a sensitive, caring, "White Knight" of a vampire. SetStage SexLabAmorousAdventuresNjada 40Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-Njadas_Dark_Secrets.txtThe Lone Wolf - VilkasA life without love is no life at all.Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-The_Lone_Wolf.txtLoaded For Bear - Ria, Temba Wide-Arm, Lynly Star-SungWooing damsels in distress can be exhausting!NOTE: Must complete Companions quest line first!Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-Loaded_For_Bear.txtThe tragic and untimely demise of Aerin....Love And Death In Riften - Mjoll, Ingun Black-Briar, Sapphire, IlliaSomething foul hunts the women of Riften. Yes, even if the lover is a Follower already Following you, you still have to ask them to follow you somewhere private. AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-Hunting_The_Huntress.txt. Then do the next.4. This Mod is fairly well known anyways. The timing should be that she comes into the house after Aerin is already dead and never see him die. You have to hit the dialogue beats. AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-The_Beast_Within.txt, Halp! When SexLab comes up, you need to get into it's MCM and tell it to Install. Functionally the Serana romance will work regardless of whether you side with the Dawnguard or the Vampires. It has things like pitch change and whatnot. I added more memory to my PC and became more judicious about adding heavy duty Papyrus intensive mods to my Load Order. DON'T DO IT! Fully voiced dialogue and immersive romance type quests with vanilla Skyrim NPCs. They are all named starting with "AmorousAdv", so they should be easy to find. STAGE 5 - (Initialize Quest)STAGE 10 - Talk to SeranaSTAGE 20 - Lesson 1: Talk to Serana when she gets hungrySTAGE 22 - (In Dialogue)STAGE 24 - (In Dialogue)STAGE 30 - Lesson 2: Talk to Serana when she gets hungrySTAGE 32 - (In Dialogue)STAGE 34 - (In Dialogue)STAGE 40 - Lesson 3: Talk to Serana when she gets hungrySTAGE 42 - (In Dialogue)STAGE 44 - (In Dialogue)STAGE 50 - Lesson 4: Talk to Serana when she gets hungrySTAGE 52 - (In Dialogue)STAGE 54 - (In Dialogue)STAGE 60 - Serana is now my loverSTAGE 200 - Shut down Quest, Mark Completed=============================================================STEP SEVEN: SERANA AND THE MARK OF DIBELLA=============================================================QUEST ID: SexLabAmorousAdventuresDLC1_Mark---| NPCs needed:Serana (Lover) - Reference ID: xx002B74 (where xx is your load order for Dawnguard)Ahlam (Lover)- Reference ID: 0001A6A5Senna - Reference ID: 000263CDNazeem - Reference ID: 0001A6A4---| WALKTHROUGH by STAGES:STAGE 14: Talk to SeranaSTAGE 15: Talk to Priestess Senna at the temple of Dibella in Markarth with Serana as a follower     - A scene between Serana and Senna will playSTAGE 20: Talk to Senna againSTAGE 22: Talk to SeranaSTAGE 25: Talk to Ahlam in WhiterunSTAGE 30: (A scene between Serana and Ahlam)STAGE 35: Talk to AhlamSTAGE 40: Talk to NazeemSTAGE 45: (A scene between Serana and Nazeem)STAGE 50: Talk to SeranaSTAGE 55: Take Serana to Breezehome and talk to her     - Love sceneSTAGE 60: Talk to Serana againSTAGE 65: Take Serana to Ansilvund - talk to her outside the dungeonSTAGE 70: Talk to Serana after completing Ansilvund     - IMPORTANT: Get the key off the body of the Necromancer Boss to complete AnsilvundSTAGE 75: Take Serana back to Whiterun and speak with Ahlam.STAGE 80: (A Scene between Serana & Ahlam)STAGE 85: (Kiss Scene)STAGE 88: Talk to NazeemSTAGE 90: (Scene between Ahlam and Nazeem)STAGE 95: Speak to AhlamSTAGE 100: Speak to Serana     - Ahlam will follow the playerSTAGE 105: Take Serana and Ahlam to Breezehome in Whiterun - talk to SeranaSTAGE 110: Talk to Ahlam     - Love SceneSTAGE 115: Talk to AhlamSTAGE 120: (Scene between Ahlam and Serana)     - Love SceneSTAGE 125 - Talk to Serana     - Love SceneSTAGE 130 - Talk to SeranaSTAGE 135 - Escort Serana back to the Temple of Dibella.

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