An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States. Although they die in the early pages of the book, Mia's immediate family members live on throughout the novel in Mia's memories. Although she is physically unconscious throughout the story, Mia is faced with the most important decision she will ever have to make -- whether to succumb to her injuries or fight to stay alive. The way that Mia is able to seamlessly conjure vivid experiences with her parents and grandparents as a child suggests that time is fluid. Adam validates of the possibility that Mia is non-conventionalist, advising her in transit home from their Halloween date that she is “probably the punkest young lady [he] knows” (101). She has to make a choice whether to live or die, and she is considering her options. She is able to make this decision while in an out-of-body experience, in which she can see everything that is happening around her regarding her care in the hospital, but cannot interact with anyone or anything…, Instant downloads of all 1368 LitChart PDFs You could be dragged into the woods by rabid beavers.

Retrieved October 24, 2020, from everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of If I Stay.

During this paranormal experience, Mia's narration undertakes flashbacks which reflect on select experiences in her life before the car crash. Near the end of the book, Kim visits Mia in the hospital. Although they die in the early pages of the book, Mia's immediate family members live on throughout the novel in Mia's memories.

Because she is less tenacious and competitive than the other musicians, she believes this must mean they are better than her.

Adam was a big part of her staying because he encouraged her to stay, and he wrote her a song just for her too. Throughout the novel, Mia weighs each option, ultimately embracing life rather than submitting to death.

Her preference for old style music persists to her inclination for conventional dress.

Through her out-of-body-experience, Mia's fate split between free will and determinism: her physical body's fate is in the hands of doctors and nurses, while her detached mind believes itself capable of deciding whether to give in to death or struggle to survive. The choices about whether she stays true to her passions of classical music or whether to step outside the box and try to immerse herself in the world of rock.

Adam’s brilliant ascent with his band, Falling star, combined with Mia’s possible acknowledgment into Julliard implies that their mutual melodic goals, a similar quality that brought them together, takes steps to destroy them. Music functions paradoxically in Gayle Forman’s If I Stay, dividing the characters along lines of personal taste, personality, and worldview. Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts. Even though Mia was in the hospital, and there were high chances that she would not wake up, Adam waited by her bedside hoping and praying that she would wake up. There are two themes in If I Stay that really stick out. But the pull of her memories only exacerbates the pain of being physically severed from her family.


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