The iv (four minor) chord could also be played as a IV7 (four dominant seventh), a V# (sharp five) or IV#° (sharp four diminished), depending on the players' preference.

The samples of the tracks give a good idea of what this sounds like. Like the VI-II-V-I, it's good to be familiar with this in several keys. The VI, II and V chords are usually played as 7ths. Will Shade 's Memphis Jug Band and Gus Cannon 's Jug Stompers recorded for Ralph Peer, starting in 1927, many great songs that became the basis for the later jug band revival, including " Stealin'," "Jug Band Music," "On the Road Again," "Whoa, Mule," "Minglewood Blues," and " Walk Right In ". Carolina Peanut Boys, Dallas Jug Band, Jolly Jug Band, Memphis Sanctified Singers, Memphis Sheiks, Picaninny Jug Band, Memphis Jug Band With Gus Cannon's Jug Stompers, Sometimes I Think I Love You / Memphis Boy, Sunshine Blues / I'm Looking for the Bully of the Town, Beale Street Mess Around / I'll See You in the Spring, When the Birds Begin to Sing, Kansas City Blues / State of Tennessee Blues, Bob Lee Junior Blues / I Packed My Suitcase, Started to the Train, Snitchin' Gambler Blues / She Stays Out All Night Long, Peaches in the Springtime / Evergreen Money Blues, A Black Woman Is Like a Black Snake / On the Road Again, Whitewash Station Blues / Stealin', Stealin', Tired of You Driving Me / I Can Beat You Plenty (That Hand That Tried to Deal Me), I Whipped My Woman With a Single-Tree / Feed Your Friend With a Long Handled Spoon, Bumble Bee Blues / Everybody's Talking About Sadie Green, Papa's Got Your Bath Water On / Fourth Street Mess Around, This Will Bring You Back / Got a Letter From My Darlin', You Got to Have That Thing / Bottle It Up and Go, Little Green Slippers / Jug Band Quartette, American Skiffle Bands: Recorded in Alabama, Texas and Tennessee by Samuel B. The regional jug band fad had largely passed by the '30s, but the British skiffle movement of the '50s and America's own early-'60s folk revival brought a renewed appreciation of the style. Stop time: When most instruments stop or play an abbreviated part, like just a short strum on the first beat of each measure. But here are some guidelines that should keep you from stepping on toes in any group. Jug Band Music.The Kweskin Jug band version starts and ends with seven “F” chords. It is simple, but comes in several variations. And give a good cue at the end of the song so you can stop together, too. You can also pay attention to which players are comfortable taking solos and which aren't, and discretely ask if you're not sure. If you were in a band (or are) what would your influences be. Ragtime. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. You May Leave, But This Will Bring You Back - (with Memphis Jug Band) 19. For more lead sheets, visit If you can pick up the pattern or theme of a song and come up with an original verse, catch the lead singer's eye during a chorus and say, "I've got one," then wait for his or her invitation to sing your verse. You can easily put a kazoo on a harmonica rack and become a one man/woman band! You can play any V chords as dominant 7ths, and experiment with playing I and IV chords as sevenths, too. Someone might yell, "Tag it," or just repeat the last phrase once or twice.
Turnaround: The last phrase of a chord progression. Some jug band songs sound better with the choruses shouted more than sung. rights reserved. These lead sheets don't always match the original recordings and don't even always match what we play … but they should send you in the right direction. Note: Italics in the lyrics means we're guessing (except for when it means a background vocal part). Key of A: A-F#7-B7-E7-A, Examples: Rag Mama (F), Jug Band Waltz (C), I'm Satisfied With My Gal (G), I-I7-IV-iv (one one-seven four four-minor), a.k.a. Key of E: E-C#7-F#7-B7-E Memphis Jug Band discography and songs: Music profile for Memphis Jug Band, formed 1927. Jug Band Song Book By Ron Gordon. And when you do become more confident in your skills, be sure to pay back the group by welcoming other newcomers as they join. - (with Hattie Hart), You Wouldn't, Would You Papa? Playing two instruments at a time can be too much if the jam has more than a handful of people, and changing instruments during a song can be distracting. Spoken responses: When you listen to the pioneering jug band recordings of the 1920s and 30s, you'll hear numerous examples of band members inserting comments like, "Have mercy," or "What you gonna do there?" Be prepared for the last note shortly afterwards. Please try again. Breaks: Another word for solos.

Key of A: A-A7-D-Dm (or D7, F or D#°), Examples: Stealin' Stealin' (G), Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (G), Let's Get Drunk and Truck (D). Tag: Repeating the last phrase of a vocal part to signify the end of the song. Key of D: D-B7-E7-A7-D It is helpful to recognize the VI-II-V-I sequence and learn to play it in several keys. What you don't want to do is just stop singing and leave a vacuum where nobody knows what to do next. Contact form | Archive | *, Copyright © 2020 Arlo Leach, all

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click on songs for lyrics, chord charts, and play-along rhythm tracks. Key of G: G-E7-A7-D7-G Jug band music is a great style to jam with, because it includes a broad range of genres and instrumentation, it leaves lots of room for spontenaiety and participation, and it relies heavily on a few standard chord progressions. Many songs use this sequence as a portion of a larger progression. If you have suggestions for these missing pieces, please contact us! Jug band music traditionally draws from African-American musical genres before World War II: blues, jazz (classic jazz and swing) and ragtime. - (with Memphis Jug Band), Old Folks Started It, The - (with Minnie Wallace), Won't You Be Kind to Me? Playing songs from other genres with a jug band treatment is usually acceptable in moderation. Don't worry about other people judging your skills. Here are some tips for anyone wanting to participate in a jug band jam for the first time. Just don't overdo it as in this Gus Cannon recording! 2 (1928-1929), American Epic: The Best of Memphis Jug Band, Violin, Sing the Blues for Me: African-American Fiddlers, 1926-1949, Flashbacks #2: Crazy & Obscure / Novelty Songs 1914-1946, Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music: Volume Four, Flashbacks #1: High & Low / Drug Songs 1917-1944, Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: A Musical Journey, Good for What Ails You: Music of the Medicine Shows 1926-1937, R. Crumb's Heroes of Blues, Jazz & Country, The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of: Super Rarities & Unissued Gems of the 1920s and '30s, Complete Blues Discographies: What to get, I Ought to Investigate These Artists As Well, Young Person´s Guide to Music: Songs You Should Hear, Memphis Minnie in Covers by Fans with Videos, Enciclopedia de bolsillo del Blues de Preguerra, Recommendations for music before and including 1945.

Like the blues, jug band music of the 1920s evolved into separate country and city styles. It's fun and catchy music, but the CD as a whole is very short - only 10 tracks and the longest is only 3m 15s. The group made numerous appearances on television and performed at the famed Carnegie Hall in New York City. This is probably the most common chord progression used in jug band music. Usually used to highlight a soloist, especially on a quieter instrument like bass or jug, or a percussion instrument. New Releases. Watch and listen to pick up on which exact version is played in a given song.

Most songs in a jug band jam will have one lead vocalist, but other vocal contributions are usually welcome. You Got Me Rollin' - (with Memphis Jug Band) 21.

They played slow blues, pop songs, humorous songs and upbeat dance numbers with jazz and string band … If in doubt, just playing more quietly should eliminate any concerns. - (with Hattie Hart), Feed Your Friend With a Long Handled Spoon - (with Memphis Jug Band), I Can Beat You Plenty - (with Memphis Jug Band), Taking Your Place - (with Memphis Jug Band), Tired of You Driving Me - (with Memphis Jug Band), Memphis Yo Yo Blues - (with Memphis Jug Band), I Whipped My Woman With a Single Tree - (with Memphis Jug Band), Everybody's Talking About Sadie Green - (with Memphis Jug Band), Oh Ambulance Man - (with Memphis Jug Band), Cocaine Habit Blues - (with Memphis Jug Band), Jim Strainer Blues - (with Memphis Jug Band), Fourth Street Mess - (with Memphis Jug Band), It Won't Act Right - (with Memphis Jug Band), Bumble Bee Blues - (with Memphis Jug Band), Meningitis Blues - (with Memphis Jug Band), Aunt Caroline Dyer Blues - (with Memphis Jug Band), Stonewall Blues - (with Memphis Jug Band), Spider's Nest Blues - (with Memphis Jug Band), Papa's Got Your Water On - (with Memphis Jug Band), Going Back to Memphis - (with Memphis Jug Band), He's in the Jailhouse Now - (with Memphis Jug Band), Got a Letter From My Darlin' - (with Memphis Jug Band), Round and Round - (with Memphis Jug Band), You May Leave, But This Will Bring You Back - (with Memphis Jug Band), Move That Thing - (with Memphis Jug Band), You Got Me Rollin' - (with Memphis Jug Band), Son Brimmer's Blues - (with Memphis Jug Band), Minglewood Blues - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Big Railroad Blues - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Madison Street Rag - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Springdale Blues - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Ripley Blues - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Pig Ankle Strut - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Noah's Blues - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Hollywood Rag - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Heart Breakin' Blues - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Feather Bed - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Cairo Rag - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Bugle Call Rag - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Viola Lee Blues - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Riley's Wagon - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Last Chance Blues - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Tired Chicken Blues - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Going to Germany - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Walk Right In - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Mule Get up in the Alley - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Rooster's Crowing Blues, The - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Jonestown Blues - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Pretty Mama Blues - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Bring It With You When You Come - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Wolf River Blues - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Money Never Runs Out - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Prison Wall Blues - (with Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers), Rural Blues: The Essential Collection (2-CD). Genres: Jug Band, Country Blues. The jug-band craze was small and short-lived, but Kweskin and his band, which included Maria D'Amato, soon to marry bandmember Geoff Muldaur, were its premier act, and this double-disc set captures much of their whimsical style. We work hard to protect your security and privacy. Different jams have different styles, depending on the background of the participants and the customs of that particular group. Choose soloists: When it comes time for solos, the leader of the song can call or gesture to soloists to keep the song flowing.
If in doubt, listen a while to see what styles the group seems comfortable with. Choose your instrument: You might bring a few different instruments to a jam, but it's best to stick with one for the duration of a song. Newport News Blues - (with Memphis Jug Band) 24. Please try again. © 2020 and its affiliates and partner companies.

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