"...Like... is a preposition and "...wife and me..." are the objects of the preposition.

She’s currently at work on a novel, tentatively titled Living Lies. One could simplify the sentence to say, "Serious gardeners always use organic fertilizer." Example: Please contact me. which would only be the case if I was going into the kitchen and getting the food for Myself. (The object follows a preposition.). I strongly disagree. [Wrong] “We” is most assuredly an object pronoun. @Porsche ... Yu're absolutely right. Other people can never talk to myself, only to me. Here are some simpler, more obvious examples: "I pat myself (on the back)...""I kick myself (for being such a pedant)...""I watch myself (in the mirror)...", "People like me (should make more money)...". Me is always used as the object. Me is a personal pronoun. [Correct]. Case is the grammatical functions pronouns have in sentences. If not Shakespeare, how about modern writers like Flann O'Brien, Arthur M. Schlesinger, and even E.B. How to Write a Grammatically Correct Sentence, How to Decide Whether to Use "I" or "Me" in a Sentence, Digital Vision./Digital Vision/Getty Images, Understanding English Grammar, Seventh Edition; Martha Kolln and Robert Funk. This is very much a grammar issue. Example: Please contact me. To use the first-person pronouns “me,” “myself” and “I” correctly, you must understand their case and purpose. Virtually nobody uses "myself" as a subject pronoun, but a quite a few of us see no problem using "myself" as an object pronoun after "and" - "There were Tom, Dick, Harry and myself", which Burchfield, in the third edition of Fowlers, calls"beyond reproach". Are you talking to me? For some strange reason servers in restaurants must have decided in the last few years that using the word ‘You’ is unsophisticated and using ‘yourself’ is somehow much better. It should never be substituted for I or me. It is not. Object of a preposition.

Mikael, Reflexive pronouns end in -self or -selves and occur when renaming the subject of the sentence. I know of no rule that precludes the use of “are” in your example. ?Paul Becevello, Greg Firth and I presented the proposal that was prepared by Tim Paul, Linda Mackay and me.

Thanks for your efforts. In the following sentences, is me or myself the correct word? ?Paul Becevello, Greg Firth and I myself presented the proposal that was prepared by Tim Paul, Linda Mackay and me myself. E.g. Goofy has nailed it: it's a style issue rather than a grammatical issue. Can you send this letter to her tomorrow? Me and myself are both pronouns that refer to the speaker of a sentence. (The object follows a verb.)

or fill in the name and email fields below: The speaker hasn't actually referred to himself with the word "gardener," rather to gardeners in general, so the reflexive pronoun "myself" would be incorrect. Example: The report was written by me.

for my wife and me. Myself is reflexive. Bryan A. Garner, in "A Dictionary of Modern American Usage," addresses it: "But "myself" shouldn't appear as a substitute for "I" or "me."

Using it in that way is thought somehow to be modest, as if the reference were less direct.

[Correct]. For example, “James showed Tara and me” reflects “me” as the direct object.

""I fixed it myself. Is it me or myself?   Report Abuse, There's certainly a case to be made for "myself" as an appositive in that example, but I think it's a weak one. Very useful tips for me like non-native speakers. This is an excellent clarification. I tutor a lot of outlanders and I put byspels like this (poor use of myself) before them as byspels of poor usage along it with "it don't", "you and me can write a bad romance" (a popular Lady Gaga song), and so forth as common mistakes. Me is a subject pronoun.

But put that person up on a stage or have someone write an email that is from "management", then suddenly the hyper-correctness kicks in. Examples of objects of the preposition.The preposition is underlined and the noun is italicized. 3 votes To make matters worse, speakers regularly use myself in place of I or me because they do not know which is correct.

  Report Abuse. Many notice and are bothered, but few will point it out.The concept is quite simple. Prepositons indicate a connection between things in a sentence. Which vs That and Colons. Shakespeare himself used "myself" as a sentence subject: "Myself hath often overheard them say..." (Titus Andronicus). Me Or Myself After Preposition?

They should only be used for reflexive emphasis. :“Serious gardeners like me/myself/I always use organic fertilizer.”.

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