3 529 51st Avenue 601.485.1873 Number 4 Station No.

1) 2500 14th Street 601.485.1871 Number 3 Station No. As a general rule when time reaped its toll, the firehorse was transferred to the City Street Department. City Hall is a place of the "citizen's voice." It will allow for easier, better communication between government and citizens. March 1872 saw the establishment of a fire district. Chief Taylor was replaced by Deputy Fire Chief H. C. "Bunky" Partridge in 1995, and Chief Partridge was replaced when he retired in 2003 by Battalion Chief T. G. Miller. Long a downtown landmark, the Strand Theater — now the site of Trustmark Bank — became the last major disaster of the first 50 years of the 20th century. The year 1949 saw fire destroy what had at one time during the Great Depression been Meridian's only movie theater. The Strand building was also for many years the home of WCOC, when it was the city's only radio station. According to the records of the Meridian Fire Department, the city's first major 20th-century fire was the burning of the Doughtie Furniture Company. The two platoon system is unquestionably the most up-to-date, human renovation that has ever occurred to bless and perfectly harmonize a fireman's hitherto monotonous existence. Studies have revealed that most of today's major fires are caused by arson. Even so, the total loss was estimated at only $50,000. In 1912 Grady Worthen became the Department's first Master Mechanic charged with the responsibility of upkeep on the "rolling stock." Men with families rarely had a chance to be with them; their little ones so seldom saw their father that they were almost like strangers to them. Fire prevention became an integral part of the Meridian Fire Department during the tenure of Chief Partin. The Meridian Fire Department 1882-Present, Two Platoon System Fire Department by W. F. C. Partin, Chief, Meridian Fire Department (1921).

After the organization of the bureau, the city experienced a large reduction in fire losses from accidental causes.

This, the city's most imposing structure of its time, was a large, three-story, brick, metal-roofed building. There also was no need to turn on the windshield wipers during a heavy rain, for there were no windshields. In 1919 the two platoon system went into effect. Today it is no longer heard. They would begin with a chassis and add fenders, running boards, and other special features needed to complete the job.

Meridian Fire Departments provide fire protection and emergency response services to the Meridian, MS community with a mission to prevent the loss of life and property. There was also an electric fire alarm system.

In our ongoing efforts to communicate effectively, this website will provide you with information about the City and allow you to become involved with our City's many programs and initiatives. History says this new device directed its first stream of water at a real fire at the Tom McKenzie building on Hale Street (22nd Avenue) in August 1882. Just divide your present force into two shifts, with possibly an addition of a few more firemen and officers. A long time ago, before the Revolutionary War in this country, the first fire department was inaugurated in the North by posting soldiers at fire stations who were inadvertently forgotten to be relieved.

Then there were the Gem Steam Fire Company Number Five serving East End, the Excelsior Number Four Hose Truck Company, and the Phoenix Hose Truck and Hand Engine Company. Meridian adopted this exceptional philanthropic system just two years ago, September 5, 1919, jumped at one bound, you might say, from the bottomless depths of obsolete eternally on duty system to the immeasurable heights of the two-shift plan that is rapidly spreading over our beloved country. It was in this same area that the Phoenix Hotel was built.

The theater was a complete loss. To aid in arson investigation, Fire Marshal Henson was joined by Fire Investigation Specialist Vince Vincent and Schroeder, an accelerant-detecting dog trained by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, in 2000. The mission of the Meridian Fire Department, as a modern professional fire and emergency services organization, is to minimize or eliminate threats from all emergency events directed at any citizen's life or property. Before that time, old-timers used to say that the first firemen were permitted to go home only now and then to see if their families were still there.

On April 20, 1920, another big wind in the form of a cyclone came up Valley Road, cut across Echo Park (Lakemont), and passed through Bonita, dissipating between Bonita and Russell. Such a method assured that most fires of any magnitude resulted in total and complete losses. Double platoon or two-shift plan doesn't cost a mint of money to install. Built in 1867, this house of worship was swept away in January 1883 by a fire that destroyed most of an entire block.

The first apparatus used by these volunteer groups was primitive. CITY OF MERIDIAN POLICE DEPARTMENT  Webb held the position until his retirement in 1987; he was replaced by Fire Captain Joe Taylor in 1987, and Chief Taylor held the position until his retirement in 1995. Whether it is a City Council meeting, a Mayor's Youth Council meeting, a pastor's luncheon, or any number of other forums, City Hall is where citizens and government join together, work together, and build together. Two Platoon System Fire Department by W. F. C. Partin, Chief, Meridian Fire Department (1921) The Meridian Fire Department 1882-Present For the first quarter of the 20th century the wailing scream of the "Bear Cat" told Meridianites that another fire was in progress somewhere in the city. Built on a triangular block, bounded on one side by 22nd Avenue and on two by Sixth and Eighth Streets, it was also called the Flatiron Building. Latest information on the City of Meridian and the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Vimville Volunteer Fire Department is located in Meridian, MS. View a fire dept photo, logo, contact info, map, volunteer info, mission statement, fire equipment, firefighters and statistics.

Six buildings were unroofed as the twister continued to the northeast, hitting the Meridian Planing Mill, then the Meridian Light and Railway Plant at 27th Avenue, cutting off the city's electric power supply. Moving to the east it destroyed the New Orleans and Northeastern freight depot.

He fell from his seat driving a steamer at the corner of Sixth Street and 21st Avenue, and was run over by the wheels of the wagon. We want to share City Hall with Meridian's youth, community leaders, military families, and citizens of all ages, professions, and origins.

One of two buildings to escape was the Jones House, Seventh Street and 24th Avenue. Every town in the state near the size of Meridian has one, and why should not we. Also, those were the days of the traditional two-story station. Eventually the fire whistle, housed at the water works pump house, was used only in case of a general alarm. By bringing together the remarkable strengths, talents, creativity, and diversity of our community, we know Meridian can reach its full potential as a leading city of the 21st century. But at that time it was Abraham's Food Center and Restaurant and was in the midst of a complete renovation. Most of the streets were unpaved. Realizing that steps had to be taken to combat the fires, the city fathers organized volunteer fire departments. Homan was replaced September 30, 2009, by Anthony Clayton, on who is currently in that position. Even though he later returned to duty, Zehler never fully recovered, dying a year after the accident. I was ordered by the Honorable City Council on the third day of September, 1919, to inaugurate and put into effect the two platoon plan on the fifth of said month, said year, at 8 o'clock in the forenoon, and at that specific time the two platoon system was installed and has been working in perfect accord and harmony ever since. He was replaced by Battalion Chief J. L. Homan in 2001, and Homan was Fire Marshal until being promoted to Fire Chief in 2005. During the 1890s the city organized its hook-and-ladder company. The first one cost it the three top floors, the second, floors two and three. A community plagued by numerous fires, Meridian sought to remedy the situation by organizing volunteer fire brigades. The Meridian Cotton Mill, the first of its kind in this area, was destroyed by fire soon after its construction in 1873. C. C. Massey succeeded Zehler in 1903. On Friday, March 2, about 6:30 p.m. the big wind approached the city from the southwest, moving directly over the Meridian Fertilizer Factory. A second Seagrave was added in 1914.

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