Pop. Inner Mongolia is divided into twelve prefecture-level divisions. Slab Grave cultural monuments are found in Northern, Central and Eastern Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, North-Western China, Southern, Central-Eastern and Southern Baikal territory. [66] The multilingual situation in Inner Mongolia does not appear to obstruct efforts by ethnic Mongols to preserve their language. Mongols are the second largest ethnic group, comprising 17.11% of the population as of the 2010 census. Industries encouraged in the export processing zone include Electronics Assembly & Manufacturing, Telecommunications Equipment, Garment and Textiles Production, Trading and Distribution, Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals, Food/Beverage Processing, Instruments & Industrial Equipment Production, Medical Equipment and Supplies, Shipping/Warehousing/Logistics, Heavy Industry.[48].

Sheep and goats (roughly in equal proportions) are by far the most important, the most ubiquitous, and the most numerous of the animals raised on the grasslands. The Sui dynasty (581–618) and Tang dynasty (618–907) re-established a unified Chinese empire and like their predecessors, they conquered and settled people into Hetao, though once again these efforts were aborted when the Tang empire began to collapse. Travel Map, and Inner Mongolia Grassland Map, etc. Forestry and hunting are somewhat important in the Greater Khingan ranges in the east. Officially, even the Evenki dialect Oroqin is considered a language.[74]. Until the late 1990s, most of Inner Mongolia's prefectural regions were known as Leagues (Chinese: 盟), a usage retained from Mongol divisions of the Qing dynasty. The northern part consists of the Mesozoic era Khingan Mountains, and is owing to the cooler climate more forested, chiefly with Manchurian elm, ash, birch, Mongolian oak and a number of pine and spruce species. Our The map can be downloaded and printed for coloring or geography education. [76] According to the Chinese Spiritual Life Survey of 2007 and the Chinese General Social Survey of 2009, Christianity is the religious identity of 3.2% of the population of the region; and Chinese ancestral religion the professed belonging of 2.36%,[77] while a demographic analysis of the year 2010 reported that Muslims comprise the 0.91%.

[9] The majority of the population in the region are Han Chinese, with a sizeable Mongol minority close to 5,000,000 (2019) which is the largest Mongolian population in the world (bigger than that in Republic of Mongolia).

Fresco from the Liao dynasty (907–1125) tomb at Aohan, Remains of the city Khara-Khoto built in 1032.
Mongols in Inner Mongolia speak Mongolian dialects such as Chakhar, Xilingol, Baarin, Khorchin and Kharchin Mongolian and, depending on definition and analysis, further dialects[71] or closely related independent Central Mongolic languages[72] such as Ordos, Khamnigan, Barghu Buryat and the arguably Oirat dialect Alasha. After the conquest, Emperor Wu continued the policy of building settlements in Hetao to defend against the Xiong-Nu. Consultant, National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C. Inner Mongolia is also an important coal production base, with more than a quarter of the world's coal reserves located in the province.

Spring arrives in May and lasts for two months.

Its per capita GDP reached US$11,500 in 2015, ranking No.4th among all the 31 provinces of China, only after Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin.[46]. Inner Mongolia also accounts for a small section of China's border with Russia (Zabaykalsky Krai). Eventually, nearly all areas with sizeable Mongol populations were incorporated into the region, giving present-day Inner Mongolia its elongated shape. where to visit & requirements for each destination! Baotou is a large industrial complex and transportation hub west of Hohhot; Hohhot is the region’s political and cultural centre; and Jining (since 2003 part of Ulanqab municipality) is a commercial and transportation centre east of the capital. Some private companies have set up wind parks in parts of Inner Mongolia such as Bailingmiao, Hutengliang and Zhouzi. More recently, growing grapes and winemaking have become an economic factor in the Wuhai area. 2, 1996. Some drought-resistant grasses and shrubs grow in areas of higher precipitation, and the central government has pursued a program of planting millions of trees on the southern and eastern edges of the arid region. (2007). Trees planted in sand dunes, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China. China, Inner Mongolia is China's third largest region by area. 1997.

The rates of intermarriage stands in very sharp contrast to ethnic Tibetans and Uyghurs in their respective autonomous regions.
Located north-west of Shifangzi village. The above map is of Mongolia, a landlocked country in East Asia. [73] This is different from the Mongolian state, where the standard pronunciation is based on the closely related Khalkha dialect. 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The Inner Mongolian government and its subsidiaries follow roughly the same structure as that of a Chinese province. "The Complex Structure of Ethnic Conflict in the Frontier: Through the Debates around the 'Jindandao Incident' in 1891". [30] Attempts to attract ethnic Chinese to migrate from other regions, as well as urbanise those rural nomads and peasants has led to huge amounts of corruption and waste in public spending, such as Ordos City. It is named as such since Jiuquan is the nearest urban center, although Jiuquan is in the nearby province of Gansu. Atwood, Christopher. https://www.britannica.com/place/Inner-Mongolia, Inner Mongolia - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up). Travel with China Discovery and learn about where His son Buhe and granddaughter Bu Xiaolin both served as Chairman of the region. It forms an arid Chinese forces occupied part of Mongolia until Russia invaded in 1920. Explore Mongolia Using Google Earth: Google Earth is a free program from Google that allows you to explore satellite images showing the cities and landscapes of Mongolia and all of Asia in fantastic detail. The language experienced a decline during the late Qing period, a revival between 1947 and 1965, a second decline between 1966 and 1976, a second revival between 1977 and 1992, and a third decline between 1995 and 2012. After Genghis Khan unified the Mongol tribes in 1206 and founded the Mongol Empire, the Tangut Western Xia empire was ultimately conquered in 1227, and the Jurchen Jin dynasty fell in 1234. Inner Mongolia now encourages six competitive industries: energy, chemicals, metallurgy, equipment manufacturing, processing of farm (including dairy) produce, and high technology.

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