- The juice menu is served throughout the day and includes a high vitamin C juice, a green juice, a fresh noni drink and other highly nutritious, detoxifying juices, Daily enema sessions (colon irrigation, open system) held in 10 private, comfortable enema rooms overlooking a beautiful forest hillside, Daily yoga classes – designed and held specifically for the group, supporting the detox process, Digestive system classes – shedding light and understanding on how the digestive system and liver work, creating a better understanding on how to support those systems on the long run, Diet and nutrition classes – sharing important information and  tools to raise awareness and ensure participants go on to make healthier lifestyle choices, Individual health consultations – discussing personal health concerns, symptoms & taking a holistic, in-depth look at each one’s health needs and habits, A day trip to the nearby beautiful Pacific beach, Short / Long Term Stay : Work Exchange Program, Restorative Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training, Radical Embodiment – A Movement Immersion, Vitality – Longevity Practices for Immunity & Beyond, Ecstatic Movement, Breath, and Restorative Yoga, Early Bird Price (until 2 weeks before the group starts). Nov 30th

Nevalia praleisti savaitgalio vakarų, kuriuos pagyvina DJ-ų pasirodymai bei gyva muzika, kviečianti pajusti vakarėlio dvasią. Through the use of body awareness, breathing, movement and dance, the life force constantly moving inside can be drawn on to come back home. Feb 11th. - - Jan 3rd. The facilitators deliver from their own experience, support us individually, and bring out the light in every ones eyes literally. PACHAMAMA/CHICAMA IGTV #LIVE COOKING. Nov 27th It is also recommended to stay for at least a couple of days after the group to support the body’s acclimating with the specific post-cleanse meals served in the restaurant. Dress Code: magical forest creatures costumes. -

Dec 21st Read more about Gaya, COVID-19 Updates - See the current status of travel to Costa Rica, and PachaMama's policies, Juice fasting with freshly pressed, 100% organic vegetable juices enriched with raw super foods, including PachaMama’s self-grown medicinal plants. - This class is for anyone who is looking to upgrade their kitchen with superfoods and high-vibe dishes as well as suggestions for alternatives to unhealthy foods that might be harming their health. Each restaurant concept is built to be a space where guests can enjoy the food of a different place, in an environment that takes them away from London.

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