Their essential oils are of high-quality. Well, that is just one classic example of what peppermint can do. But, I was wondering which oils do you purchase from YL or other MLMs? On the top of the bottle it has the words “organic peppermint” so if you have a number of them in a storage box it’s easy to grab the one you want. This is in addition to their Accessories section which features more mass produced products.We were not sure why there is not a link to their blog in the navigation bar but you can get there from the footer or by scrolling down on the homepage. It’s recommended to use them with 1% dilution and some essential oils are best to be avoided with children.

For this reason only oils that have come from organic certified farms are marked organic yet others have come from organically grown plants. Just need to work on product availability. Great price, especially for an organic item. There is a completely scientific explanation around it. There are so many brands out there when it comes to essential oils, it can get confusing for the consumers. Plant Therapy is a family-run business to this day. 2. They are high-quality and affordable, which makes them perfect for the grace-filled, natural homemaker! Roll-ons are premade essential oils with a carrier oil. I fell asleep without noticing it.

It has an arresting design and is easy to use. Try Plant Thearpy, awesome oils, low prices!! A bit pricey but excellent quality and packaging. It helps to stimulate my moods when I am worried or fatigued. With 267 euros I can buy more than double from other companies that are not MLMs.

One of the things I dread most is suffering a heart attack. You should not use this information for treating a health problem or disease or to make a self-diagnosis. I get a few drops into the diffuser early in the morning or take it with me inside the car. Reasonable prices, free shipping, educational advice on proper usage readily available. They committed to "immediately go over our quality control measures and see how this could have happened and take corrective action right away." I personally love that Plant Therapy has made their oils affordable for the masses.

It is completely safe for use on food preparation surfaces. I can make an organic cleaner for use around the kitchen. I had a rough time sleeping so I spent, much of the nights tossing and turning in bed.

For instance, orange is harvested from the peels of the oranges.

Thanks for this fantastic review, there are so many different essential oil companies doing the rounds now, it’s hard to know what products are legitimate. Write up to 4 reviews per month 150 points (you get 150 points for each review). Plant Therapy is dedicated to customer satisfaction. It works wonders on acne, nail fungus, and ringworm. Use code HumbledHomemaker10 for 10% off everything in their shop!

I always pick this one item every time I am out shopping for essential oils. I am so happy I found your site.

You can find great offers and discounts on different organic essential oils at their store. Each bottle is 10 ml. I laughed it off because, hey, how can a mere fragrance succeed where pills have failed? Essential oil educator Robert Tisserand is the company's consultant and test results for each batch of oil can be viewed before you buy. I've used frankincense oil from Here are some of the common Plant Therapy Essential Oils that I have tried out and loved. I want a refund, I’m not happy with my purchase at all!! Plant Therapy works directly with world renowned essential oil expert, Robert Tisserand, and several analytical laboratories. There are similar companies in the essential oil industry that are MLM companies. They offer a 90 day 100% money back guarantee. I was hard pressed to find any negative reviews about Plant Therapy. Robert Tisserand is a highly-reputed aromatherapist, and it speaks volumes to me that Plant Therapy works directly with him to ensure the quality of their oils!

© 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. I ordered sweet orange and lemongrass in the 30ml bottle.1. I had only heard about it being used to ward off attackers. It was still easy to find what I was looking for. I gave them 5 out 5 stars. So, you do have a lot of options if you don’t want to purchase the oils individually. I always woke up feeling as if I had spent the whole night running a marathon. Meaning they are full strength essential oils.
Plant Therapy has some GREAT deals going on right now, so be sure to check out their site and sign up for their newsletter. You can read it here! Arrived in 5 business days3. Hello!

It’s a great essential oil to use topically, which you should dilute at 2-3% for head and neck tension. Sure, they could charge more, and they could increase their profit margins even more, but they keep their prices pretty low, reward their customers, and create some of the best essential oils in the industry.

There is a warning to not use it topically or diffuse it around children that are under 6. Required fields are marked *. To ensure that each oil meets these strict standards, Plant Therapy works directly with world renowned essential oil expert, Robert Tisserand, and several analytical laboratories! The powerful scent comes bursting through and fill the entire room in a short time. She is ADD and has a hard time focusing. Hey Nicole, I have created shampoo, lotions, my own Thieves blend, household cleaners, and even homemade Poo Pourri with Plant Therapy’s essential oils.

We came across a post about Plant Therapy where they responded to a customer who was doing third party testing on oils and found that a sample of their Tea Tree oil was not in compliance. Plant Therapy offers 20 different carrier oils. Not to mention any names buy they are MLM companies that charge way to much . I have tried and tested both of them out lots over the years. I use relax after a long day of intense physical activity. Read more about Plant Therapy’s quality standards here. I set the magic infusion in my bedroom and then I sat down to stare at it from a distance. You say: “They don’t want to be the biggest well-known essential oil business. Plant Therapy Essential oils reviews have been great in that; people love the fact that the company is willing to provide the GC/MS report. You always see that in the movies. I agree that it is hard to really know which companies are the better ones to buy from for essential oils. Don’t let the name fool you though, KidSafe synergies are just as effective for adults as they are for kids, though. This could mean from the stem, flower, bark, etc.

I simply just apply it like lotion as I massage through my muscles.

And they are reasonably priced, too.

It always helps to do a research, I’m glad I came across your site

Plant Therapy does have a rewards program. The blend infuses five essential oils: bergamot, grapefruit pink, orange blood, patchouli, and Ylang Ylang. There are no minimum purchases and it only takes a couple minutes to sign up. I read about stories of people who used it to bring back calm and healing to their lives. I am one person who gets extremely irritating bouts of flu.
I applied some of it on my skin. I have been hooked ever since I tried them out 6 months ago. My 14 piece oil set was highly disappointing. Really, love that Plant Therapy does this and wish others would do this as well. What a great tote bag! I found they are great products, but the high prices were simply not worth it and as much as I wanted to buy the introductory kit of 10 oils, the price of 267euros (I live in Europe!)

When you push the button three times it diffuses for 15 seconds and then shuts off for 30 seconds. I use mine every single day. Some of the oils used in this blend have excellent soothing effects on the muscles. Yes! We do not diagnose, treat or prescribe in any shape, manner or form. One of the best ways to experience the therapeutic power of essential oils is by blending them.

I would like to try some and I was wondering which ones are your favorites. I am happy to see that! My absolute favorite for essential oils!

Your email address will not be published. Basically, it works like this; you purchase their products you get rewards (or credit) towards future Plant Therapy purchases.

I have sciatica and lipoma in d spinal cord. For peppermint, it states that peppermint is stimulating when it’s diffused. I am on a strict budget and need to save some money.

Which blend will you pick from the MLM brands like doterra? They sell a high quality product at an affordable price. They have already gotten tons and tons of 5-star reviews on Facebook. Connect to Plant Therapy on Facebook = 100 points. Having top-notch essential oil gurus on their side. Plant Therapy doesn’t just have great quality oils that are affordable, a special line just for kids to make it easy for parents, an awesome rewards program, a blog to educate, but also amazing customer service! It has several uses: I am a big outdoors person. You want the essential oils to be 100% pure. They want to be the most trusted one.” – This totally won my heart.

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