"Being together again." He said surprised. If you like this story/chapter, please leave a review, follow, or favorite. He wrapped his arms around Pyrrha and brought her into a hug. He remembered being on top of the tower with Pyrrha fighting that woman who had terrible powers. At her command, the one that Summer was facing flashed to life, showing a Grimm's-eye view of a battered and weakened Team RWBY, their Auras depleted.

He asked squinting his eyes at a dust cloud that was settling. Jaune suggested. Especially around a battlefield?" Henry VI's uncle is acting regent (caretaker) and is now actively launching the second phase of the Hundred years war. *CLANK CLANK CLANK CLANK CLANK CLANK CLANK CLANK CLANK*.

This work could have adult content. "Wh…. She pulled back the arrow and released it. Trainer, girlfriend?". Cinder was feeling very nervous. Pyrrha whispered putting Milo down, Jaune could only nod, but where was here? He stared at the sky for a few moments trying to recollect his thoughts. They flew gracefully up in the air and lazily came down. He was from the blue side, evident that his horse had a coat of blue with the odd golden flower. "They come from the island kingdom of England. Meanwhile, the red foot soldiers went amongst the blue dead and dying, killing any survivors and looting dead bodies. "Well….. A horde of bloodthirsty men crying out for the blood of the blues. Men were falling on the ground missing, crying out in pain and death missing limbs. We are not trying to copy them or usurp them. "Submit to your true king of France, the King of England, Henry VI!" Chapter Text. ', She gripped Milo. Come stop by, say hello, watch me play games I suck at, get a snack stay awhile and we can chat. If you want to talk about plot or history let me know as well (I am a history major after all.). ', She hesitantly nodded. England at this point is a fairly rich kingdom that owns about half of France through marriages. A war like this would have been recorded in the history of Remnant. Why are these two kingdoms are at war?". "She's your wife then?

He gave a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder. She said confusedly as she looked into his blue, sapphire eyes, with her own fearful, anxiety, eyes that were tearing up. "You one of them French spies ain't you? "Henry VI has claimed that he is the rightful heir to the throne after the death of our beloved Charles VI. "Take a look for yourself.". Jaune said, Pyrrha still held Milo pointed at the stranger, Akouo at the ready as well. They wore a blue coats over their armor while some of them, they carried banners of white banners with some kind of odd, golden symbol he couldn't describe. I mean if this is the afterlife, I guess anything is possible? Jaune grabbed his own sword and ran through the man who was struggling with the helmet.

He realized that there was sign of damage on her armor, and more importantly, no arrow wound, in her chest, or heel. Men were getting runned down, trampled, lanced, and quite frankly, butchered.

He called to wake her up. She started to stir. "What was that for?" Which caused both teens looked at each other, blushing intense red, then looked at Robert. Her thoughts were interrupted by sounds off in the distance. Jaune pulled it out quickly, staring at the man he just sentenced to death. "Well we're here now, everything is going to be alright." All of them had simple weapons, large bows, lances, swords, and shields. He felt something drag him down somewhere. "Your dress is very different.". If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content.

He saw a massive army wearing all sorts of armor, some men on foot, some men on horses, all of them having red with three golden lions. Good on you sir."

He held up his arms. "You may call me Robert.".

It seemed like they were able to communicate without words. He looked down to see that his armor was unscathed. Where was he?

As such, before we start, I need to clarify some stuff. "Robert, we'll take you up on that offer." "King of France….." Jaune thought outloud. The reds pulled their arrows and pointed their bows towards the sky. Did they die? Chapter Text.

'I know, but as long as we are together, that's all that matters.' "You hear that?" "We don't know. What is this place…. Other kingdoms and factions would be involved such as the Holy Roman Empire (Modern day Germany), Spain, and a few Italian city states selling mercenaries to the highest bidder. *Clank Clank Clank Clank Clank Clank Clank Clank Clank Clank Clank *. "I ain't going to ask you again. "Sound like it is getting closer, let's use the forest as cover." We are a group that came together because of them, so we wish to actively promote their work as well. We all have dubbed ourselves Division502. He gave a dark grin to Pyrrha. She smiled. "Heh, I don't want to start any problems." 'How can we trust them? I….. just… killed him…" Jaune stood there looking at the lifeless blood. "What is this…". "Huh? Pyrrha said, Milo still held steady at the knight. "Ahh well. The line started to break, you could hear men groaning in the background. "No. Now she woke up in a bright and vibrant world. "why…." I also wanted to give a huge shout out to Legion205. 'I know you don't trust them, but he could have tried to attack us. Unless they were no longer in Remnant.

Please consider turning it on! I am super duper excited. It was one of the soldiers in red, wearing what looked like a pointed metal cap with a nose piece and chain mail armor. She didn't like the idea of killing, but when it came down to it, she would do without a second guess if it was to protect her loved ones. Side note, if you want to know who the author of Arkos Books, Shattered Memories, Halo Remnant, and now this story, I am streaming on lordxsauronx15 on . He felt a tug, then a pull, then a suction, then an iron grip ripping at him. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. He started to sweat, he started to feel exhaustion. Some were on horseback covered in plate armor, while others, on foot, wore chainmail and leather.

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