It probably was underrated in it's day. Also the gate imagery and the timing is very much about sex, sensuality and passion, and it could be like a romance movie where two lovers enter a field of flowers and one thing leads to another. When I was a little girl, I thought Phaedra was a fairy or something magical to be singing about flowers and dragonflies, but now at 51, I think she was singing a warning to an adult admirer to look, learn, but keep his distance and do not touch. And yes 'straight' still meant sober at this time in America. His relationship with substances is similar to a relationship with a "forbidden" woman, i.e. mad taste.” The climax of the hour brings us to a grand sound-stage performance of “Younger Than Springtime” by Frank. The song models the double-bind of an era when all pasts and futures seem to circle back on themselves, a present where the words of Phaedra resound now more than ever: “Having my mind straight is bitterness to my heart; yet madness is terrible.”. He was always his own worst enemy.” Hazlewood slowly retired from music, until Thurston Moore rereleased his records in the ‘90s and Hazlewood took on a kind of cult following. The wispy voice that Nancy brings to the piece made me think that perhaps Phaedra was dead and the flowers growing on the hill were her grave. Lives do change, and so do the songs that resonate with us, but it strikes me as strange that no matter how many versions of “Some Velvet Morning” I hear it is the oldest Hazlewood/Sinatra and Howard/Lunch versions that feel most vital to me. Something in the air of the times menaced a future of opened gates, in the precise tone that Rowland S. Howard spat it through my laptop’s speakers. Given the context of the 1960's, I think the earlier posts are right that say "straight" means sober. The San Francisco Oracle issued an announcement that summed up the project of 1967: “A new concept of celebrations beneath the human underground must emerge, become conscious, and be shared, so a revolution can be formed with a renaissance of compassion, awareness, and love, and the revelation of unity for all mankind.”. mysterious, powerful woman named Phaedra, who educated the speaker I wanted her to sing like a 16-year-old girl who screwed truck drivers.” After the success of his first singles, which helped position Sinatra as a wholesomely seductive face of1960s youth culture, the two recorded an album of duets, Nancy & Lee, in 1967. Sinatra's singing career received a boost in 1967 with the help of songwriter/producer/arranger Lee Hazlewood, who had been making records for ten years, notably with Duane Eddy. I pictured a man in love with a married woman, one he was taken with but could not touch. As Lee sings in 4/4 and Nancy sings in 3/4 and their voices approach each other without quite touching, what “Some Velvet Morning” appears to augur is that the future of unity and love would falter, that compassion had a darker flipside, and that in the end we would find it impossible to come together. Who knows what I'll think tomorrow. I was a sophomore in high school when this song was released. There are some other odd producers from the 60's I can't recall right now, but ne was named Mickey Most, British... and I think he had some colorful stories. The reason that the song persists as a perennial favorite of mine is the ARRANGING !Phil Spector once said that he was charged with presenting an entire teenage opera in the 2.5 minute constraint of a juke box single: love, betrayal, hop, despair all must happen in two and a half minutes.In 'Some Velvet Morning' the arranging has an absolutely cinematic quality to it due to the use of intercuts between the male and female vocals; line for line until they have merged. She is the allusion of the author's mind, a concept he hallucinated probably when he was high, thus the "straight". We know much of the decadence of the 1870's and then 100 years later in the 1960's/1970's is a cultural rebirth in modern society which follows with artistic works that tap into mankind's subconscious. Pagkakaiba ng pagsulat ng ulat at sulating pananaliksik? I would like to find out what the name was of the classical piece. The sound is exposed, volatile, broken-bodied. “Some Velvet Morning” was recorded at Capitol Studios in the autumn of 1967. Nature and what was natural were 'hip' things back then. The female voice is obviously a child. Her work has appeared in The White Review, The Lifted Brow, and Los Angeles Review of Books. The links to nature, the unity of all women as 'us', rather than I, and the unattainableness of it all from a male perspective is probably what leads to the ambiguity, as it is from Lee, himself, that we're really hearing it (as the writer).But maybe I'm seeing my own relationship in it too much! "Flowers" and "daffodils" symbolize beauty, which point to his crush. It first appeared on Sinatra's album Movin' with Nancy, the soundtrack to her 1967 television special of the same name, which also featured a performance of the song. Show all songs by Some Velvet Morning Popular Some Velvet Morning albums Kat and the Band (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 2020 Allies. bill - looking forward to the Marty Robbins post... looking even more forward to you getting the uranium cafe back up and running.chris- over the years there's been so many songs that make absolutely no sense, from "Incense and Peppermint" to "Blinded by the Light", yet this one song always seems to be the one that sticks in people's craw the most. Some drugs came from natural plant sources (like flowers going on a hill). She was a sad-assed broad, the saddest of all Greek goddesses. For some reason, I seem to recall Lee Hazlewood explaining that he had written the song for a biker acquaintance who had been in love with a young hippie woman who had subsequently died of a drug overdose. I would eat until my stomach hurt, I would replay a song until the tape snapped, I would wear a dress until the seams unravelled. When did organ music become associated with baseball? I've always thought this song was about heroin, particularly after I saw the video were they are riding horses, and "horse" is a slang term for heroin. In the words of Fred Durst, "He did it all for the nookie". He hated the preening hyperbole of progressive rock, and the moneymaking boy-girl songs had made him enough, by then, to quit. It was August 4, 2007. Some Velvet Morning, a song that lays claim to both brilliance and ominous mystery, certainly merits the analysis it inspires. I remember feeling he was someone who was very isolated and jaded.

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