Spartan TRIFECTA: Sprint. Thank you for your help. You will find these on the portfolio page. Here’s what the Strava app recorded on my phone: The stats from the Strava mobile phone looked a bit more consistent. If any of the articles helped you in any way, please donate. On the weekend I decided to do the Spartan Virtual Race after a friend suggested I should try it. I am an entrepreneur based in Sydney Australia. On Sunday, I completed the Spartan Super race which involved running 10 KM and once again I just did all the 30 exercises instead of 25. Super. Repeat. For tracking the 21 KM run, my Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Watch let me down. Spartan Race is taking it virtual, giving obstacle course racing (OCR) athletes and enthusiasts a chance to earn their Spartan Trifecta ONLINE and keep up their fitness with the BE UNBREAKABLE program. “No gossip, just news.” The latest stories in entertainment and lifestyle, with exclusive celebrity interviews. I decided to do the first 3 races (Sprint, Super and Beast). Spartan Race is taking it virtual, giving obstacle course racing (OCR) ... we will hold a Super Virtual Race that weekend). Affiliate Compensated: there are some articles with links to products or services that I may receive a commission. A Virtual Trifecta will be available. On Saturday, I started off with the Beast race which involved the following exercises: 21 KM run10 pushups10 burpees10 mountain climbers (per side)10 jumping jacks10 air squats10 forward lunges (per side)10 hand-release pushups10 tuck jumps10 plank up-downs10 planks shoulder taps (per side)10 knee slap mountain climbers (per side)10 reverse lunges (per leg)10 glute bridges10 dips10 decline pushups10 single leg squats (per side)10 calf raises10-second plank10-second hollow hold10-second squat10 situps10 leg raises10 bicycle crunches (per side)10 v-ups10 superman10 walk out pushups10 burpee tuck jumps10-second wall sit10 flutter kicks (per side)10 diamond pushups, I started the run at around 7 am and finished at around 9 am. I didn’t restart the watch after the upgrade was completed and that may be the cause of the problem. Don't, HOW TO EXPAND AND COLLAPSE THE MAIN MENU IN GMAIL. I haven’t done any Spartan races in the past but my son wanted to try it and I thought I’d also give it a go. The Spartan Super is as much mental as it is physical, spanning over 10K that are just as unforgiving as the 25 Obstacles that litter the distance. For example: Seattle Super - Scheduled April 4, 2020. For example: Submissions MUST include proof that the race was completed. I believe running and doing bodyweight training every day dramatically helps with improving my fitness and strengthening the body. I also believe being Vegan helped with the recovery process and in turn, helped with completing the Spartan Virtual Challenge. You will have from April 4, 2020 00:00 - April 5, 2020 23:59 PST to submit your Virtual Race results for that event. Nominate A Healthcare Hero To Win An RV Vacation, Trailer: Eric Roberts Stars In 'GREATLAND', Trailer: 'Love in Dangerous Times' Is A Pandemic Rom-Com, 2020 CMT Music Awards: And The Winners Are, New Music Friday: Elisa Savoca, Juliana, Muni Long, Cravity, Stefflon Don, Cyn & Kären McCormick, Ella Mai Releases Romantic Video For "Not Another Love Song", Halloween History Lession: It All Started In Ireland, 10 knee slap mountain climbers (10 per side), Lateral Bounds/Ice Skaters - Each distance is. You will have from April 4, 2020 00:00 - April 5, 2020 23:59 PST to submit your Virtual Race results for that event. Prove it by signing up for one of our endurance races. You must submit your results within the 48 hour period for that race, local time. I will be creating another post for those that are interested in how to set this up. Find a Spartan Race Results and Photos Obstacles and Rules Rankings Spartan World Championship Trifecta World Championship. Complete all three races this year. Some of the exercises such as the 1 leg squat were very hard to do and I felt awkward doing them since I’ve never done them before: I managed to complete the trifecta over the weekend and I don’t think it was that difficult to do as I still had the energy to run on Monday. Our mission is to change 100 million lives by motivating people to get out of their comfort zones and learn about, experience, and embrace the Spartan lifestyle. Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. We completed the 5 KM run and decided to just complete the 30 exercises instead of the 20. When the Samsung Health synched with Strava the stats looked more peculiar. Seattle Super - Scheduled April 4, 2020. I made it everyone! For each event that is cancelled or postponed, you can now partake in a virtual challenge to match that race. Think you can handle more? The 2nd, 3rd and 12th KM were definitely incorrect. Thank you for your help. I haven’t done any Spartan races in the past but my son wanted to try it and I thought I’d also give it a go. The virtual world championship — it also happens to be the final virtual race of 2020, as well as the lone Spartan world championship — will feature the three distances that make up a Trifecta: a Sprint, Super, and Beast. A Trifecta Virtual Medal will be available for those who complete a Sprint, Super, and Beast/Ultra! Just get it done! Obstacles can be completed at any time throughout the workout, as long as they are completed. Spartan Race is a leader in the sport of obstacle racing, offering open heats for all fitness levels, as well as competitive and elite heats for those with something more to prove. This is our longest and most difficult race out of our three main race types and is aptly named for its brutal half marathon circuit with 30 Obstacles that try to keep you from your finish line. Get started. The stats on Samsung Health looked incorrect, in particular, it tracked the 1st KM as 9’25” and the 3rd KM section as having the pace of 20’40”. Become a member of the Spartan TRIFECTA Tribe by finishing one of each Spartan distance: Sprint, Super and Beast, in a calendar year (January 1 – December 31st), anywhere in the world. If this article helped you in any way and you want to show your appreciation, I am more than happy to receive donations through PayPal. Citi Field, New York (EST) - Stadion (do the Sprint Virtual Race), Seattle, Washington (PST) - Super, Sprint, San Diego, California (PST) - City (do the Sprint Virtual Race), Korea (KST) - Stadion (do the Sprint Virtual Race), Lima, Philippines (PHT) - Ultra, Beast, Sprint, Southeast, United Kingdom (BST) - Beast, Sprint, Tri-State, New Jersey (EST) - Ultra, Beast, Orte, Italy (CEST) - Beast, Super, Sprint, Jacksonville, Florida (EST) - City (do the Sprint Virtual Race), Carcassonne, France (CEST) - Super, Sprint. There are 4 races you can participate and you can read about them here. It’s always a good strategy to have a contingency plan- that’s what I learnt being in an IT and business environment! You can read about that here: Overcoming Obstacles. Since I actually run every day the running wasn’t going to be a problem. We've got to get creative while we're all working and working out at home; especially the major race organizations who have had their Spring and Summer races cancelled or postponed.

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