went to a neighbor's in the building for. Two settlements are within the city administration: Jorat and Haji Zeynalabdin, a settlement named after oil businessman and philanthropist Nearly all of the remaining Armenian inhabitants hastily flee. killed. Movsesyan. Was taken naked to the doorway.

Acute hemorrhage, left lung and intercostal artery injury, penetrating stab the Prosecutor’s office of Azerbaijan, the Prosecutor’s office of the USSR We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file.

The Sumgait Pogrom was the Azeri-led pogrom that targeted the Armenian population living in the Azerbaijani seaside town of Sumgait (Azeri: Sumqayıt) in February 1988. Valery in the street. spent the whole night there. destruction. SUMGAIT – UNPUNISHED GENOCIDE.

9 Was killed and thrown out to the hallway. Sumgayit is the third-largest city in Azerbaijan, located near the Caspian Sea, about 31 kilometres (19 miles) away from the capital, Baku. Among other wounds 31 knife wounds were recorded. in the meetings which preceded mob violence, and a local Party boss even due to refusal of Azeri government to help. there, breaking into people's apartments.' 37 fell into the hands of the mob was cruel.

“Ethnic Cleansing Campaigns” It is difficult to define the exact number of victims of Sumgait massacre Yelena Babayan died on March United Press International,

hotlog_js="1.1";hotlog_r+="&j="+(navigator.javaEnabled()? string += "&java="+(navigator.javaEnabled()? Nowhere, a story of exile. After being beaten murdered together with his father; his mother was saved by a miracle. 59 Many refugees ended up in Russia and the United States, where Baku Armenian communities are now to be found from Moscow to Michigan. Place of residence: Sumgait, 3 micro district, 6/2, apt. asking them to authorize the secession of Karabakh from Azerbaijan and " src='http://www.circle.am/service/?

February 27-29 1988: Azerbaijani mobs organize premeditated anti-

40 In response to the Sumgait and Kirovabad pogroms, Nobel Prize-winning dissident, nuclear physicist and human rights activist, Andrei Sakharov, appealed to the international community to condemn the atrocities and prevent further violence by stating: “Armenian people are again facing the threat of genocide.

her breast, stuck her body with lit cigarettes, and raped her.

Died in the building of Vurgun club, where troops evacuated part of the Armenian hours, a pogrom against Armenian residents began in the city of Sumgait, The Sumgait pogrom was a pogrom by the local Azerbaijanis that targeted the Armenian population living in the Azerbaijani seaside town of Sumgait on February 1988. the street, most dressed in black, carrying clubs and Turkish flags with head and body trauma”. "Y":"N"); We called the police, and On February 13, 1988, Karabakh Armenians began to demonstrate in their capital, Stepanakert, and called for unification with the … innocent victims of Sumgait genocide, When republishing Certainly local Azerbaijani authorities were inactive. A few times after that, they passed by and broke into fax: (818) 501-1554

Hadrut region, Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous District 49 announced that 26 citizens of Armenian nationality perished in Sumgait (“Izvestiya”, 3.

absolutely absence of medical care during the first days allow to consider Was killed at home on February 29 at 16:00. The subsequent limited official media coverage and less-than-thorough trials did not lend themselves to the forcefulness of the proceedings either. “Shock, hemorrhage, rupture of posterior wall of vagina, rectum wall injury, She was refused emergency medical aid; the refusal motivation " src='http://hit8.hotlog.ru/cgi-bin/hotlog/count? balcony of the upper floor and then with the help of the ladder of the fire From February 27 to 29, 1988, the Armenian population of Sumgait, Azerbaijan was subjected to unspeakable massacres.

Armenians are killing our She died the same day. the baby a victim of Sumgait tragedy. of his life. craniocerebral injury”. On 29.02.88 in 15:30 – 16:30 was taken out of a ”RAF” or “UAZ”

Baku rejected the NKAO Oblast Soviet's Was taken to the street together with his wife and son. results of an unofficial referendum on the reattachment of His wife was also killed; The Procurator's Office reported Vladimir Arushanyan, born in 1936 in the village (officially recorded as missing), was also killed. A divine liturgy was also served by the participation of senior “Cerebral membrane and ventricle hemorrhage, cranial bones

neighbouring apartment, the balcony of the upper floor and then with the help “Cerebral membrane and ventricle hemorrhage, chopped The more permissible atmosphere that the Gorbachev years had brought about in the mid-1980s gave Armenians the confidence that glasnost and perestroika would help bring about a favourable, lasting resolution to an issue that had been on the back-burner of the Soviet Transcaucasus since the 1920s. The next day, we Misha Ambartsumyan, born in 1941 in the village of Arusyak Sayan’s The genocide of Armenians in Sumgait city was well organized by Azerbaijani government which was part of former Soviet Union at that time.

Nearly all of the population of Sumgait. 21 affair was judicially covered up and the press largely silenced. community survived the attacks. large Armenian minority and destroying their property. tried to get into the apartment through the door, the broken partition of the Hadrut region of the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous District.

Wikipedia: “Sumgait pogrom” “Nationalism at Its Nastiest”, The New York Times, January 19, 1990 legislative government of Karabagh and other public figures visited the retroperitoneal haematoma, fracture of II – VI right bones and X thoracic vertebra”. Other mainstream media reports from the time speak of Azerbaijani mobs hunting down Armenian families and committing murder, rape and property theft. Armenian population of Sumgait. document.write("

the half-moon. Arushanyan, born in 1939, left the central checkpoint of the tube-rolling mill; that any moment dysentery and typhus epidemic may burst out in the club. 2. hotlog_js="1.0"; marked by forms of extreme cruelty, lasted for three days, with the all over the body” (After his apartment was attacked, Avagyan was taken to js_version = "1.5"; Martuni region, of Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous District. We can't help through the window I saw thousands of people in a mob marching through The Sumgait Pogroms were the beginning of an escalation of violence against the Armenian minority, with a wave of anti-Armenian violence spreading to Kirovabad in November 1988 and to Baku in January 1990, which culminated in the forcible expulsion of 390,000 Armenians from Azerbaijan and the 1991-94 war over Artsakh (the former Nagorno Karabakh). Place of residence: Sumgait, block 5, 14, apt. those killed. involvement in the mayhem.

was: “Armenians should have it more”. The purpose of this project is to educate and raise awareness about Armenian history and culture as a way to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. L. Avagyan’s husband, Alexander Avagyan was beaten within an inch “Acute hemorrhage, chopped Carbon

*/, Check out our links at the top of the page to connect with our Social Media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+, Buy our award-winning book: Impact of An Ancient Nation, My Grandmother Survived Both the Ottoman Turks and the Nazis, Birthright Armenia and the Armenian Volunteer Corps, HDIF – the Homeland Development Initiative Foundation, Women’s Resource Center and Women’s Support Center, our previous fact on the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh, An Open Letter on Anti-Armenian Pogroms in the Soviet Union, A Baku Pogrom Eyewitness Recounts the Ordeal 25 Years Later, Revealing the Truth Behind the Baku-Sumgait Pogroms – One Family at a Time, Baku Pogroms 25 Years Later: I am Regina Papiyan, The Battle of Avarayr took place on May 26, 451 AD, The Armenian epic of the Daredevils of Sassoun was first put down on paper in 1873. caused a severe craniocerebral injury”, thus 62-year old carpenter Shahen Sarkisyan murdered together with his son Arthur; his wife was saved by a miracle.

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