drama.no wonder the ratings are low.all the best am out, Ivon May 14 2017 7:40 am

Me tooo !!!! ayazu Mar 18 2020 5:17 am She looks great here too.

Amazing drama. andy Mar 17 2017 4:41 pm This is awesome! in my opinion, it would been much better if the part about the fathers were scratched out. I admit that at first i don't feel like they suited as co star but the more i watch it their chemistry is flowing and i think they suit each other. yenny May 13 2017 8:39 pm In particular, there is seriously no one like Ji Chang Wook, his charisma and singular charm shine through every character he plays, but he's particularly impressive here because of the variance in his character, there's no monotony! Some people are jealous and said JCW is a playboy because they were not the one on the bed beside JCW! Fighting!! Also, in the first episode Ji Wook said Bong Hee looked familiar to him as he had met her before.. She may be young but talented. I say she is perfect for the role. Their chemistry is so amazing . Hm.. han ji min.. She is more mature and pretty but.. She kinda too old for ji chang wook?

Sanjinyeon Jun 01 2017 7:46 pm I think she performs character of Bong Hee beautifully.

Their chemistry no joke at all!!!!!!

Genre Romantic - Comedy ? why they say you shouldn't judge something too early and the actors are His acting is great.

tria Mar 27 2017 12:48 am The comedy, the romance and the thriller... perfect. They want paired him with someone more significant.. And we dont know whom is she they would choice..thats the problem if to be paired with famous actor since jcw is 1 of most popular korean actor now. I was a JCW fan but now i am just looking at NJH and getting amazed how that little girl has turned into such a pretty beautiful amazing caring woman. Ji Chang wook and HJW have a good chemistry in Empress Ki..and also HJW can do action scenes very well,..i hope u can reconsider.. miki Mar 29 2017 8:12 pm girigal Jul 21 2017 1:13 pm That kind of role really suit her. She is gonna be 22 this sept. She is a woman now, not a girl, I"m Back Jun 22 2017 9:33 pm -stars. This drama has really good plot and a great casts, but the writer wastes their potential at the beginning. I'm sorry to say. But i love her outfits..they all look beautiful.

LSK maybe will make it a little too hard for the character. The storyline was good and it could have been a really enjoyable drama. it's not forced or awkward unlike in other dramas where actors act for the sake of acting. I ship jiwook and eun hyuk .... That's it ... Bong hee Jun 21 2017 1:28 am Suspicious partner fighting!!!^^.

This is a drama where just about everyone knows how to do their job.

Ouh yeah i love this drama has be Ending .. I feel it's kind of inappropriate. is it just me or..? Cris May 21 2017 9:47 pm Suspicious Partner starts as a strong, romantic suspense drama but somewhere in between it loses its identity.

After reading them, there is no way anyone can tell what this drama is about. aksnd Apr 24 2017 3:19 pm Don't forget to breath when you watch it((: Soyou Jun 11 2017 12:32 am More blessings, happiness and success for them. When I watch the first episode..

Is it me or? One day, on the subway, she mistakes Ji-Wook (Ji Chang-Wook) for a molester. To much comedy for their occupation. Taking another teen role, after having already transitioned into adult roles, would probably set her career back. 211111111111111111111111111111111111111 May 10 2017 4:34 am Just opinion Jun 25 2017 7:37 pm camellia May 26 2017 4:28 pm I hope that he comes back with another action drama and hopefully the main actress isn't Yoona cuz that girl isn't made for acting. There's a lot of passion, which I think makes sense. Anyway, I'm still loving the drama. Hmm Im sorry but I couldn't feel the chemistry of chang wook and Nam ji Hyun. I love everything about it (funny, romantic, and scary/thriller parts) JCW where your action drama ? DramaFan Sep 30 2017 2:00 am hola Sep 23 2017 10:29 am I am in the minority here, who doesn't care about Ji Chang Wook's style of acting as he always does his character the same. :D. MVGVICKY Jun 01 2017 7:47 am Many people are really enjoying this drama so don't rain on our parade. the law firm members are so funny( and am glad mr. bang is still alive and well!) Chief Bang stole a goodish share of the limelight with his flawless comic timing and droll looks. Anciennement entraineuse de taekwondo, elle a suivi une formation pour devenir avocate. all , except JCH i don't like ! Ji chang wook oppa is soo amazing here. Not a fan of JCW whatsoever. queen May 15 2017 12:14 am @macilyn i rather like the new hair color. But when I watch the drama, wow she's good. So...in love wif this drama? When I said that their chemistry together is only average I was being generous. just wait & see Plot / Chemistry / Rating .. Give it to meee Apr 19 2017 7:11 am Why is it so easy for rating to go down but not back up? For those of you who are missing out, head down to You Tube now & search for SBS Catch. The hype about JiBong's ship is real as it was the same for the others too during Healer and The K2 time. I that probably means he's really good at portraying his role. there's still a lot of unanswered questions which i hope they won't forget to clarify this week.i honestly lost it after the bed scene when ji wook found about the bong hee's dad. this guy worked all his life and now that he's found an inspiration he has to be away for enlistment. The chemistry of the main leads is just freaking surreal ❤️❤️ Riah Jun 24 2017 10:49 am han hyo joo please... JR Mar 19 2017 7:48 pm Nam Jihyun's acting is really great and energetic, her voice and pronounciation sounds super Bonghee, if that makes sense. Ara Nov 21 2017 9:02 am I'm excited for her, but idk who could match up with Ji Chang Wook's acting other than her... cyra Mar 27 2017 8:53 pm Another Kdrama for JCW , its awesome.I love watching this. Carol Mar 17 2017 1:55 am mona Jul 12 2017 8:06 pm

Each episode is 30 minutes long and I binge watched every episodes and finished in 2 days! What ... Next week last ep !!!! Oh shush Beondi! So many lead female actrees affraid get bullied by online media.. For example IU, Yoona, suuzy, ect.. It's just amazing! Arghhh i was hoping Han Ji Min to be the female lead because i miss her acting so much. JCW and NJW just nailed it. from chemistry to a mixture of genres to plot and the hilarious cast.

Their chemistry is just sizzling. last night episode was perfect!!!!! ??? She can act fierce less and cute at the same time.

I mean, they spent almost 1 hour just to show the main heroine scrambling her hair (and, Ji Changwook being perfectly awesome, once again, pardon my bias). The story is light, but it's so lovely.. the romance between No ji wook and Eun bong hee.

I'm so touched with his acting when he found Mr. Bang dead(or unconscious?) Nara's drama acting debut!!!

I understand the character is supposed to be older compared to her other roles, but why do they want to make her look older than the lead guy? It's Suspicious Partner's last week of showing today, How I wish that there are more new episodes to watch. This is a great drama. All of them are great>.<. Eskimo Apr 27 2017 8:25 am Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) is a prosecutor trainee who works with prosecutor Cha … Mel Jul 02 2017 10:35 pm .. cant waiit ! I couldn' t think another actress instead of NJH. gogostar Feb 17 2017 12:43 am I really Love this drama..the story.cast.characters.. Nam ji hyun fan Aug 17 2017 9:19 am The romantic-comedy aspect of the k-drama is beautiful! -- Choi Tae Joon being paired with another "Bong Hee" (lol) Key drama!! The drama should get higher rating...Ji chang wook oppa is just mesmerizing, can't get enough of him. I have sympathy with her so I hope she will work on it. Shiha Jan 24 2020 7:42 pm I choose quality in everything so, I believe in this girl.. kpopandgrime Oct 15 2019 7:40 pm

But then Han Ji Min was also offered the lead female role and she's considering. I wasn't that invested in his character so I didn't feel the suspense of whether he woke up or not. Some fans need to chill duh. Pffft. After seeing it, I came to the conclusion that this drama was made for Ji Chang Wook, every shot every close-up,the female lead (not pretty and as an actress is mediocre) were chosen strategically so that he would shine and nothing would overshadow him and thus we could enjoy this monument of man. À la fin de son stage, elle rentre en tant qu’avocate dans le cabinet de Noh Ji-Wook.

If you are looking for romcom with a little bit of suspense well better check this. Thats what critics do and thats how audience will response. Just because i am a jibong shipper thst doesnt mean i hate his other co-stars or i deny his chemistry with his othet costars. The drama is not perfect but the chemistry of the whole cast starting with the main couple until the lawyers' office with their messy meetings is the best. ella May 20 2017 12:15 am May Jul 07 2017 8:50 pm

She also has not tried the genre of drama like this, so why not? Park Shin Hye Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!! I am in love with this drama.

totally love this drama.

l think that scene was mooore hotter than NJH and JCW scene. I hope Jin Se Yeon, i want see chemistry for them.. Dd Mar 26 2017 1:36 pm Jcw is cute but manly in the same time.. its OK but not that great n the female leads is not in the league of bong soon when it comes to comedy. My feelings are like at the same time i saw Oh My Venus, Anakha Apr 30 2017 9:03 am while nJH's name became one of the top most searched on the internet. she has a lot of rooms to improve.

Jin Se Yeon On la met sous la direction de Noh Ji-wook pour son stage.

At first I just didn't have anything to watch yet so I gave it a try since I've heard that Ji Chang-Wook is so popular. Is it because she not as famous as your unnies huh?

Sushi May 31 2017 9:52 pm

I'm so looking out for this guy next time. I'm waiting this dramas new series fighting. There are many scenes and episodes that i love for this drama. Shipping is fun, why are you so obsessive and insecure. Someday, hope you have fan meeting the Philippines. darker eyebrows could turn her younger looking and more attractive. I hope this will not be their last project together! They are just delivering the acting required from them on this drama. The boy does everything for the unfortunate girl, throw in some running gags (that weren't funny at all), have the girl watch the guy sleep and vice-versa in every, I kid you not - Literally every episode. I loving Bong Hee more and more!!

I love this drama , I cant wait to see the next episode !!

Like super humorous and thrilling!

Lots of JCW-NJH moments. Alpha Jun 03 2017 11:13 am Sorry. So sad the rating is still bad.

lrt Jun 26 2017 4:14 pm ??? I personally feel like NJH was trying to hard to level up with rising JCW in this drama. Hehe. Matet Mar 29 2017 8:16 pm Perhaps, she should take a break after the drama and make a comeback with another genre, maybe in a melodrama, an action movie (like “The Villainess”: she can be badass and she looks good in black) or a detective movie or drama (something like “Signal” or “Secret Forest”). She doesn't relate well to the other actors and it makes me dislike watching her interactions. I feel like the initial premise of the drama has been done before (not a problem though) but done with a twist.

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