On December 9, Sweet Sorrow member Sung Jin Hwan made the announcement of his decision through the group’s fan cafe. For the episode of The Green Green Grass, see, "First Half of 2008 K-pop Album Sales Volume", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Sweet_Sorrow&oldid=947693652, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

Sam) has been cranking and we are in the process of 2 new albums in our Covid-staycation.

Its members consist of In Ho-jin, Song Woo-jin, Kim Young-woo and Sung Jin-hwan. These albums are good, they are rich both lyrically, musically and messaged in hope. From Sammy- " For some years I've been writing material for both of these albums, one delving into the Irish famine and resultant emigration to far away places adding in all of the uncertainty being experienced in the current season, the other a kind of in your face, raw gospel album that doesn't sugar coat or sanitise ideas on good news, justice, mercy and love and delivers a spankin' hard rock edge with all the 'doo-wops' and 'shalalala push-push' backing vocals of my hey day.". Stay tuned, stay safe, please check out the project and feel free to ask questions, we have til Nov 4 to make our goal and we need your help. These brave Wiradjuri tribesmen Yarri and Jacky Jacky (and others) were responsible for saving many lives in the tragic flood of Gundagai (NSW) when the Murrumbidgee River swept homes, livestock and folk away in June 1852. Its a wee bit early to tell whether our summer tour in the UK will still go ahead, dates are set, just not posted.

We have 30 days from Oct 8th  to make our goal to get the project funded. It's also available on AMAZON UK for hardcopy orders. He wrote, “I have officially stopped all music-related activities and will stop promoting as a member of Sweet Sorrow and singer Sung Jin Hwan. We are so very grateful to all of the hosts who had planned concerts in Scotland, England and Wales. Both conceived in a place of fertile creative need. Thus we bring you our latest crowd-funding venture. In Ho Jin, Song Woo Jin, and Kim Young Woo are planning to continue Sweet Sorrow without me and with the Sweet Sorrow Company CEO Sung Hyun.”, Explaining his reasoning for his departure, Sung Jin Hwan stated, “I met the other members when I was 19 years old and we’ve been walking down the same path together till now, when I’m 37.

Ireland is both sensible, unhysterical and forewarned and if we all maintain pretty simple instructions we will for the most part be fine. This too shall pass, and we believe, the best is yet to come. According to the Seoul Seocho police station on February 19, at 12:37 a.m. at a road across from the Seocho police station, a Mr. Kwon (28) who was driving a Kia Pride car, hit the Kwon couple (both 55) crossing the street, and drove off. Sam & The Outcasts. If not for their bravery most of the town's population would have perished, and this despite the fact that many Wiradjuri lost their lives due to the colonisers’ violence during the settlement of Gundagai and surrounds...racism was rife in the region.

Topics; Posts; Everything posted by Sweet_Sorrow. The rescuers were even treated badly after the flood! All non-essential travel is strongly advised against; there is still a 14 day isolation rule if returning from countries not on the 'green list' and this would apply; singing is even worse than talking as far as droplet spread considerations; multiple contacts in two countries would be a tracking nightmare.... and so on. Here's to flattening the curve of this virus, staying safe, staying home and staying connected in all of the marvelous ways we can these days. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. They performed the Opera version of SNSD's latest hit song HOOT on Sketchbook,check … THE REMEDY CLUB, THE MAN WHOM, BEKI HEMINGWAY, THE SWEET SORROWS, CURSED MURPHY VERSUS THE RESISTANCE, FRANKENSTEIN BOLTS, TEN OUNCE MOUSE and COLM MAC CON IOMAIRE. Go to: Rev.Sam & The Outcasts Recording, click on 'Back This Project' and see what it's all about. [1] In 2019 The Barberettes and Sweet Sorrow form a harmony collab group SBSB (Hangul: 스바스바).

Sweet Sorrow bears several of the hallmarks of Nicholls' writing: realistic and crackling dialogue, the ability to capture embarrassing moments, a flair for nostalgia. We hope to still tour in Switzerland and Germany planned for September but of course its too early to be sure of much just now.

Thanks in advance for having a look at the project and the rewards for pledging and if you can share the news we'd so appreciate it.
We are 5 days into our campaign to get these latest albums made and already nearly 20% funded!

Two very different styles from one artist.

Stay tuned and we will see you all on screens and one day eventually this shall pass and we can be face to face again.

Australia, long known as the land of fires, droughts and floods, is experiencing the worst ever crisis in its recorded history. I hope Sung Jin Hwan will be happy. The Australian Sessions CD is available now in hardcopy or download.

Meanwhile we thank you all for your support, friendship and spirit of community inspite of current hardships and uncertain days. Obviously we too have had work for the next weeks cancelled and/or postponed. Wiradjuri. Sam and The Outcasts (working title at present) promise to entertain. Free track Wilderness off "The Australian Sessions" on sign-up. It’s difficult to explain but along with the happiness and joy I’ve felt down this path, something else has been building up inside of me.

Stay tuned. This was a part of Australian history too important not to put to song and share. 3 The End of the World The world would end on Thursday at five to four, immediately after the disco. Himself needs to keep his head busy and 2020 has been, well, a huge opportunity. He stated, "I am leaving beloved Sweet Sorrow for new music. Sad as we are not to be with friends and fans in lovely Switzerland and Germany, we cant avoid the fact that there are too many compelling reasons to not leave Ireland.

Collaboration with a gifted group of musicians from Ireland, UK, Germany, USA and Australia via the internet adds to the quality, creativity and experience tenfold. Two new albums are largely completed and a Kickstarter is planned to assist in getting these pressed and available to you. Here is the link:  Rev.Sam & The Outcasts Recording. We are considering a new way to promote Sammy's books and solo musical projects, prolific is the word that comes to mind.

On on good people. Australia) our publishers Malcolm Down have conveyed that it is available at the Book Depository. Starting With a Kick! We hope in the future to have opportunity to sell them on the road- when we ever get back on the road.

Two amazing albums, one folk, one rock... Far Away Places and Rev. Carson McCullers, The Member of the Wedding 472XX_tx.indd 1 04/02/2019 16:14. Sweet Sorrow debuted in 2005, released an OST for the SBS drama “Alone in Love” in 2006, and became well-known for their harmonic songs such as “No Matter What I Think About You,” “Show Your Love,” “Beautiful,” “I Love You,” and “Will You Give Me Your Affection” with Jung Joon Ha on the West Coast Expressway Song Festival on “Infinite Challenge” in 2011. This novel is set in the 90s in a vaguely boring British town and sees the "coming of age" of Charlie Lewis, who has just done badly in his GCSEs, finds his parents are separating and has no idea what to do with his life. Frankie had become an unjoined person who hung around in doorways, and she was afraid. We are stoked and so grateful to all who supported and encouraged himself on the journey to publication. Huge thanks to all who have contributed and we deeply appreciate it. We are working' it to try and get this crowd fund kicking thing to it's goal. Hey ho and away we go with this project, the creating of which got us through lockdown early in the pandemic this year.

Sweet_Sorrow replied to Saint Peter's topic in DeathList extra-curricular. On December 9, Sweet Sorrow member Sung Jin Hwan made the announcement of his decision through the group’s fan cafe.

Here's a link to our project, have a look, enjoy the updates, follow our progress. Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality. Both enabled many talented artists to give of themselves and earn some much needed dosh (if somewhat limited given our budget).

Well, we are following precautions and enjoying the rural life here in Co. Wexford...grateful for being able to do so. This weekend would have seen us in the UK on our annual tour. Here's to a better year for us muso's, artists and performers in 2021. Upcoming will be a vid by our talented friend and artist Alexander Buie on his creative process.
Watch this space, here's to 2021 allowing more normal activities for the likes of us troubadours. Stay tuned for info later this year! These days shall pass. For the streaming types, Breathe produced by Sammy and electronica/techno whizz-kid Tony 'Tonesteppa' Silcock is now available for your listening/dancing pleasure ;)  Also available for download purchase or hard copy order via BANDCAMP.

Challenging times to run a campaign and we are relying on our friends and fans as always to want to hear these new offerings in music. **New Music from Sammy Horner, The Sweet Sorrows Live on a screen near you. All Activity; Profiles. White settlers had been warned by local aboriginal people not to build on the flats but move to higher ground, they did not heed this advice to their peril and the Wiradjuri men and their fragile bark canoes worked tirelessly rescuing people through three long days and nights. As many of you are aware, Mr. Horner is never happier than when creating, indeed lockdown has been a benefit for the Horner camp as writing, recording and general creativity ensued. We hope you can find a few bob to help us get these into yours and others hands. Last week we had another release on streaming platforms, Adelady is available everywhere including right here! Faraway Places and Rev. The dates were set but never made it onto our SHOWS page for obvious reasons.

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