The novel tells of several generations of the fictional Gursky family, who are connected to several disparate events in the history of Canada, including the Franklin Expedition and rum-running. Some fans and critics have cited this as Mordecai Richler's best book, and in terms of scope and style it is unmatched by his other works. While Richler himself de… The parallels between the Gursky family and the Bronfmansare such that the novel "may be seen as a thinly disguised account of the [Bronfman] family". How do you describe Solomon Gursky Was Here? Moses Berger is an alcoholic writer who has become obsessed with the life and fate of the mysterious Solomon Gursky. “Solomon Gursky was here” is the story of three generations of a Jewish family in Canada, through the eyes of the aspiring biographer of one significant member of the family. In its simplest form, it's the story of Ephraim Gursky, a minor crook and forger, who escapes from prison in England and tricks his way onto the ill-fated Franklin expedition, and manages to survive the disaster. Solomon Gursky Was Here spans two centuries as it traces an extraordinary Jewish family from its shady founder, Ephraim Gursky, to its huge success in the liquor business.

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