Someone I know told me that no matter how tough things get, you still sit down to eat. The father who immediately tells his secretary to drag Chi-soo away, put him on a plane, lock him up in a dormitory, and make sure he doesn’t get out. Chi-soo hurriedly pushes her back into the stall, then asks her to be quiet for just a moment. thank you for recapping. Thanks for the recap! Sure, he might be a bathroom pervert, but he’s also the guy who complimented the mole on her face, so she waits for him to notice her, tapping right at that mole to emphasize it. no words. ), Trivia She calls the dreaded boyfriend a bad guy and a jerk, clearly disapproving of Eun-bi’s relationship. LOL This sounds like a good one to watch! I'm sorta sad cuz she's already hearing bells with Chi Soo that the second lead won't stand a fighting chance. Even my aunt Regina or fondly known as Usu Ina who is married to a melanau from Bintulu is at loss with her own Balingian dialect at times. KBS Star Life Theater Ep. Plastic surgery doesn't limit to Korea. It’s hard enough to order a hamburger in English, but they want me to write in English! I think it's more of an issue with foreign fans because in Korea plastic surgery is huge. Um, am I only one who finds the whole "only Korea do plastic surgery" disturbing? js = d.createElement(s); = id; Assuming he’s studying for the civil service exam like her, she asks about his exam prep. I dunno; I cant stand to watch grainy videos these days unless I'm a super fan of the picture, so I cant even revisit the drama to find out what I disliked. Its a fantasy historical romance kind of drama that spans over thousands of years. Even so, she tells herself that she still believes in her “bubbling heart.” It’s bubbling over with emotion in this case, although the word she uses could also refer to simmering ramyun in another case. ■ Birthplace: South Korea Remember that Koreans count age differently than other many other cultures. somehow I think she looks like the ajumma in the 'high kick 3' show.... yoon yoo sun . sounds like a good first episode! For the Korean age, depending on when one is born, add 1 or 2 years on the above age. High School in S.Korea's education system: Typical age for 12th graders is 17-18. Recap looks great!! She’s excited to discover he’s a “financially stable thirtysomething,” and upgrades him to a 96. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 so excited to have a new drama to watch! Park Ki Kwang ftw! lol. i needa start looking for subbed ones!.xD. }); Lee Chung-Ah does not look like an ahjumma. I think they're cute. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. *shrug*. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page ■ Temptation of Wolves Neukdaeui yuhok (2004) - Han-kyung Not now, not today! she's not like an ahjumma. YAY!! :), According to which was access on 01-NOV-2011 @ 12:46AM CST/CDT. can you post it on youtube.

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