I have been excited about the dramas that woo do hwan and Ryo Hwa young will get cast in after mad dog .. And it makes me hurt too:((, Moon Ga Young did so well to play as Sooji. It made me cry a lot. Being a massive fan of the movie 1988 'Dangerous Liasions' with Glenn Close, Michelle Pieffer, John Malkovich, Uma Thurman back in the day and also shipping WDH from 'Save Me' I thought it was best to just park 'GS'. The point is the characters - gotta love them for who they are. First of all, the plot was very messy and too complicated. Eva Dec 27 2017 6:32 am I forget her, but still remember the drama that I’ve watched. Aigoo, i miss you woo bin oppa, get well now, Moonlight Mar 30 2018 8:53 am I was actually surprised she knows how to act well and actually forgot that she was a kpop idol. The writer wants to tell you first about how three of them live, because their story will greatly affect Taehee's story in the future. It is embarrassing how taehee threw herself at shihyun. Blue Side Mar 17 2018 12:51 am Jhet Mar 21 2018 4:54 pm dred Mar 21 2018 8:03 am W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); Joy Fighting! Will watch it twice, three times or even more! DRAMADRAMA Mar 14 2018 10:05 am I don't understand the hate this drama is getting. I hope soo ji and see joo end up together. So.. Cruel Intentions, rated PG? I was really excited for this drama and the trio certainly did not fail my expectations. There will be trouble cause by the old love between Shi-Hyun's father and Tae-Hee's mother. Now I actually loved The Heirs, but I thought it was so much better than Great Seducer in every way. Any way I like the drama, even if some times I find it lacking in expressing all this more clear, I find it more difficult to see. Unlike other I will not diss non favourite because all are great ? I feel like Soo Ji is very self-centered...I like joy better and her acting isn't so bad . I hope joy gets her place in the acting field and gets recognised . I've been waiting for her new drama and finally thank God for this opportunity! If you disliked The Heirs, the chances of you disliking this one is probably high. People who throw shades on her bad acting is another case. The drama was really well done and the directing is excellent . but after all Joy did well. It was like it wasn’t sure what it wanted to be. And people who are bashing on joys acting are just jealous cause it's joy. Kania Azalea Jan 08 2018 4:43 pm My recommendation would be to view this drama at your own risk as there is no telling what results you may get. She’s spoiled, entitled, and doesn’t hesitate to do what she wants even if it means ruining other people’s lives. Second are those who think the drama is veryyyy bad, joy acting is very bad, the plot is very bad... etc.. Btw I want to watch it no matter what ? seduced Apr 29 2018 1:00 pm @Amari She is suchs a good actress. She's been in the industry for so long but never got the opportunity to shine and be the leads in main drama. So yeah, Great Seducer was a bit of a mess. In all I didn't like Tae Hee but I loved sooji. I'm 4 episodes in and the story is really good. Shi hyun and Soo Ji need to break the stereotypical kdrama plotline and end up together pleeeeaseee, ugh Tae Hee is cute but boring and I dont see the same chemistry between them as Shi Hyun and Soo Ji, Irene-sshi marry me Apr 03 2018 10:37 am I definitely liked that! The channel started teasing with intriguing dark and red colored posters. [31][32] Woo Do-hwan was also praised for his ability to express a wide range of emotions in the drama, with the first and second leads commended for inhabiting their characters with the material given.[33]. Her acting along with her Hyun Woo was impressive to me so y'all need to stop hating her. The reason I have a problem with them adding Tae-Hee is that since it is meant to be loosely based on Pierre Choderlos de Laclos, Soo-Ji should be made into the bad or "evil" character. If they want people to love a drama, I think this is why they put Tae Hee in the picture. I’m to support you ??? I predict: 2. Just An Opinion Feb 25 2019 7:46 am Kim See Ra Apr 04 2018 11:07 am I love the 4 of them! If he had been honest for even just a bit at the start or understood why his friends were upset with him then their relationship wouldn't have collapsed at the end. go a head I am waiting for your next drama ? I watched a bit from her previous drama and she has improved however there are a few scenes where her acting is quite awkward. kendall Park Dec 26 2017 9:08 am Anna Apr 17 2018 4:10 am TH's friend has been manipulated by SJ. Roshni May 09 2018 5:37 am The series gonna be interesting! @Lala because Do hwan 'love' gayoung and wish to like marry her lmao so gayoung made a bet with him. But what makes me happy is that Joy is becoming the most prominent member of Red Velvet , with all these dramas and shows . The whole point of the story was supposed to be about Shi Hyun’s seducing Tae Hee and the mountains of conflict that comes with it. Tae Hee must be the most pathetic woman in all series I saw, he humilliates her in front of his friends, he ignores her and finally she gets drunk like a loser and cries about him while begs to come with her again, Cruel intentions my ass, Annette wasn't a stupid child, she had dignity, I'm glad this shitty drama doesn't have audience, it's disgusting. Ok May 02 2018 3:48 am Skipped all SH-TH scenes because i'm so bored with that all cute relationship and all the parents scenes oh also every scenes with kyung joo, i'm here just because se joo and soo ji because they're hot (i've given up about SH, oh you man can go to hell with TH). Htet Myet Chel Mar 28 2018 9:01 am From Episode 30 on it gets progressively dumber, but it can still be entertaining - - loved the JK-grandmother, though . Oh i love this drama so far!!!!!!! 천사 Mar 14 2018 10:47 am LOL. i love this kdrama so muchhhhhh !! Feels like I'm watching a movie. I thought the drama was really good. Lee Ki Young is a real douche bag. Agatha Mar 18 2018 6:02 am So please don‘t judge Great seducer!!!!!! The pretty ladies are also eye stealing heart capturing. I'm a straight girl but for the first time I envy the lead actor. Sejoooo Mar 20 2018 10:50 pm I just think Moon Ga-Young is such an extraordinary actress, I can't wait to see her as a lead in her upcoming drama this year. and dont fight between them..i dont like...please can be friend... swqQQ Apr 24 2018 10:08 pm The Liar and His Lover is super sweet. I watched the 1st two episodes! I like this drama but I must admit the break up parts are too much. But the result is finaly she left by guy who she really loves. Okay, so I hated joy's character in this show it was annoying with the shy girl act. It’s like a cute, fluffy baby melo, lol. ( Log Out /  Terrible terrible cast for a role. Sometimes it felt like a melo while other times it felt like a rom-com. I'm confused? But lbr, it still all boils down to the storyline and the prduction of the drama. The trouble trio casts and additional casts were chosen well. @Tokieda @Woo Da Hwan actually gayoung’s acting also awkward in jealousy incarnate (im not the only one who’s saying this) but since she’s not an idol people just let she off. the guy that did Shi-Hyun and the girl that portrayed Soo-Ji both acted so well too. I like it so much,im waiting for another episodes ?

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