Today it … Younger, The Context of Scripture. From [Babylon] to Aššur and (from) Susa. Cyrus accuses Nabonidus of neglecting the chief Babylonian god Mardukand pe… [15] He ordered him to go to his city Babylon. Cyrus the Great' Cylinder. [38] [...] Dur-Imgur-Enlil, the great wall of Babylon, its de[fen]se, I sought to strengthen. On loan from the British Museum, The Cyrus Cylinder and Ancient Persia: A New Beginning concludes its U.S. tour with a nine week presentation at the Getty Villa. that in 539 BCE, the Persian conqueror Cyrus the Greathad allowed the Jews to return from their Babylonian Captivity. [16] His vast army, whose number, like water of the river, cannot be known, marched at his side fully armed. The Cyrus Cylinder, Achaemenid, after 539 B.C. [37] I [daily increased the number offerings to N] geese, two ducks, and ten turledoves above the former offerings of geese, ducks, and turtledoves. [30] brought their heavy tribute before me and in Babylon they kissed my feet. Although this information can in fact not be found in the text (it focuses on co… They rejoiced at his kingship and their faces shone. presented him as an ideal leader in his Cyropaedia, while Old Testament texts praise Cyrus for bringing an end to the Jewish exile in Babylon. had given him victory. Cyrus Cylinder Translation In the Cyrus Cylinder, a cuneiform tablet now in the British Museum, Cyrus describes how he had conquered Babylon (October 539 BCE). It was created in several stages around a cone-shaped core of clay within which there are large grey stone inclusions. [40] [...who had not surrounded the city] on the outside, which no former king had made, (who) a levy of work[men (or: soldiers) had led] in[to] Babylon. h�b```f``����� `� Ȁ �@V�8ǃ��@���RǍ�l `Q `a`4� V�� ���ϰ@B��ӆ��73�c���B�A� ����?�f������t-�f��@���h6�g~��X;�4'��2�8�,@� ��� [11] all the people of Sumer and Akkad, who had become corpses. [41] [... with bitumen] and bricks, I built anew [and completed th]eir [job]. Found at Babylon in 1879, the Cyrus Cylinder is among the most celebrated discoveries from the ancient world, with a legacy that resounds to this day. Moreover, by embedding this Cylinder in the foundations of Babylon, Cyrus was adhering to a standard practice in the region–intended to secure divine favor and record a ruler's achievements for posterity. by Dr Shahrokh Razmju please CLICK HERE (in PDF format) Language: Akkadian. [8] he continually did evil against Marduk's city. Marduk, the great lord, rejoiced over [my good] deeds. The Cyrus Cylinder, discovered in 1879 and now in the British Museum, is one of the most famous cuneiform texts, because it was once believed that it confirmed what the Bible says:note[Isaiah 44.28-45.8; Ezra 1.1-6, 6.1-5; 2 Chronicles 36.22-23.] Translation of the text in English and Persian. [33] In addition, at the command of Marduk, the great lord, I settled in their habitations, in pleasing abodes, the gods of Sumer and Akkad, whom Nabonidus, to the anger of the lord of the gods, had brought into Babylon. It is currently in the possession of the British Museum, which … was installed to exercise lordship over his country. [17] He made him enter his city Babylon without fighting or battle; he saved Babylon from hardship. All the kings dwelling in palaces, of all the quarters of the earth, from the Upper to the Lower sea [19] Lord by whose aid the dead were revived and who had all been redeemed from hardship and difficulty, they greeted him with gladness and praised his name. Cyrus the Great' Cylinder (Picture courtesy of the British Museum) For the Persian version of the text translated . [35] of Bêl and Nâbu that my days be long and may they intercede for my welfare. [42] [... magnificent gates of cedar] with a bronze overlay, thresholds and door-sockets [cast in copper, I fixed in all] their [doorways]. [Thanks to Irving Finkel, Michael Kozuh, Matthijs Risselada, Hanspeter Schaudig, Bert van der Spek, Matthew Stolper.

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