It certainly won't win any awards for subtlety, but 'The Fundamentals of Caring' boasts a talented cast and a funny script to liven the buddy road trip genre. Including Piper and adding more detail about Ben’s marriage might have made the movie too long, although these additions would have helped us understand Ben’s state of mind and his already strained relationship with Janet prior to the chaos of the accident. Largely, this sense of perhaps easily-earned satisfaction is a result of the chemistry between Rudd and Roberts, two actors whose comedic performance style is heavily dependent upon delivery and timing. Ben’s first client as a caregiver is Trevor (Craig Roberts), an 18-year-old guy with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This interaction sets up a long-running game in their relationship: both try multiple times to fake one another out, whether it is Trevor pretending to choke or Ben fooling Trevor into thinking that he lost his medication. We are all in this world to help each other and lend a helping hand. In the movie, Trevor and Ben’s relationship takes on a more sarcastic and playful tone than it does in the novel. They also want to see the weird attractions along the way, but they are primarily going to see Bob. In the novel, the road trip is less dominant, Trevor’s visit to his father isn’t a surprise, and we see more of Ben’s former life as a stay-at-home dad of two children. Bob also knows that his son is coming to visit. Life expectancy isn’t as important as the quality of life (in my opinion). Selena Gomez as Dot and Craig Roberts as Trevor in The Fundamentals of Caring (2016). It seemed as if she was simply there to bring more publicity towards it, however I just don’t think the role suited her. Although in the film we get glimpses of the accident that caused the death of Ben’s son, no flashbacks show the dynamics of Ben’s family. Quickly jumping in to the road trip portion is necessary to craft a complete, succinct narrative for the film’s audience. Ending with Ben leaving his caregiver role but staying as a friend beautifully illustrates the relationship that can be formed with the right Carer, someone who assists you to carry on living as independent a life as possible. The film’s audience can more easily connect with Ben’s grief without the more complex narrative development of a still-living child, especially since the film doesn’t have time for as much information about Ben’s family. It’s clear that, when The Fundamentals of Caring isn’t able to exactly mirror the novel, this is largely due to the time constraints of the medium of cinema. #LegallyBlonde3 In comparison, the trip to see the “world’s biggest pit” commences about twenty minutes into the film, which is an incredibly quick turnaround. However in certain scenes, Trevor seems overly able, sitting unsupported, lifts arms to air quote, has no head support especially in the car or choosing to not use CPAP at night. The novel has room to develop numerous characters and subplots. The Fundamentals of Caring stars Ben (Paul Rudd), a newly licensed professional caregiver seeking his first full-time client whilst trying to escape the loss of his son. The movie does have a habit of falling into the lonely disabled person stereotype who needs more than just physical help. They have an understanding through this shared style of humor, which some might call twisted. It’s enough that a somewhat shoehorned romantic sidestory with hitchhiker Dot (a surprisingly strong turn from Selena Gomez, even it is somewhat diluted by her character never being more than narrative device) becomes more engaging than it has a right to be. The two often clash in the beginning due to Trevor’s sarcastic, sadistic and bitter nature, which just made me feel sorry for Ben and resent Trevor. Shows DMD lives come with ‘normal’ ups and downs not just related to disability and that we are able to find love too. That being said, I do think that Gomez overplayed the edgy teenager role just a little bit. In the short span of a film, the plethora of judgements about women’s appearances would be off-putting and confuse our feelings about the characters. We care for others when we can’t seem to care for ourselves. Instead, Trevor’s and Ben’s closeness is shown through their objectification of women. An 18-year-old Brit with muscular dystrophy (Craig Roberts) goes on a road trip across America with his caregiver (), and the pair learn about life from the people they meet along the way.Written and directed by Rob Burnett, The Fundamentals of Caring made its world premiere at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, and co-stars Selena Gomez, Jennifer Ehle, and Bobby Cannavale. Similarly, Roberts’ performance cuts fear and cynicism into his sarcastic defensiveness. Negatively Trevor doesn’t seem to have a life, does he go to college? The Fundamentals of Caring stars Ben (Paul Rudd), a newly licensed professional caregiver seeking his first full-time client whilst trying to escape the loss of his son. Out of necessity, film adaptations rarely incorporate every plot and character element of the source material. One of the main differences in the film adaptation is the increased focus on the road trip that Ben (Paul Rudd) and Trevor (Craig Roberts) take. However, the movie doesn’t have enough time to give this narrative the weight and attention it receives in the book. However, throughout the film we see a reciprocal relationship develop, helping each other emotionally, without becoming a “teachable” moment. The Fundamentals of Caring tries to demonstrate how a Carer/patient relationship can naturally grow over time (albeit fairly quickly) and as Ben breaks Trevor out of his regular routine and to have the courage to increase the quality of life by going on a road-trip. Does your penis work? Game of Thrones Recap: The Winds of Winter, Netflix Hidden Gems: Female Directors Edition, All the Money in the World Touches Upon Tragedy But Can Resort to Moralizing, With ‘The Post’, Steven Spielberg Affirms A Key To Democracy, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Plays on Expectations with Wit and Comedy, The Greatest Showman Will Leave You Demanding A Refund, Te-Ata Isn’t a Good Film, But It Comes from a Good Place, The Shape of Water Shows the Beauty in Our Differences, The Last Jedi is a Mostly-Successful Exploration of Morality and Legacy. I’m aware this sounds incredibly cliché, and in some ways it may be, but I definitely think it’s presented in a very original way due to the circumstances of it being a carer and a disabled teenager — it was an interesting dynamic.I enjoyed the ambiguity in the minimalistic, slow-mo clip of a little boy running in front of a car, which was played throughout the film. And while it certainly won’t win any awards for subtlety, The Fundamentals of Caring boasts a talented cast, sharp wit, and a funny script to liven the buddy road trip genre past its apparent tropes. In the book, there isn’t the same amount of joking around and pranking. I often get applicants who emphasize that they have their CNA,... 2) I swear a lot. When he's not trying to fulfill his life long dream of becoming the "Hash Slinging Slasher", Donald enjoys watching movies, playing video games, and writing; sometimes all at once. ( Log Out /  Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. That being said, I definitely think he executes it well. Disability in film can be a very tricky subject to utilize. Trevor uses/needs realistic care (similar to me), CPAP at night, exercise routine, cough assist machine, medication, contractures in fingers, clearing secretions, disabled vehicle but bizarrely no hoist. In the film, when Ben first meets Trevor, Trevor puts on an act of more extreme disability to make Ben uncomfortable. One of the best aspects to this movie is in how the disabled lead character, Trevor, is portrayed not as a helpless victim of circumstance, but as a three-dimensional, flawed, and ultimately vulnerable character, a character not simply and simplistically solely defined by his disability. Burnett, who adapted the screenplay, never accelerates too aggressively toward the tragic circumstances that define the lives of these two men, but through orchestrated dialogue, he keeps the inevitability and permanency of their bad fortune in scope. I also have to give credit to actress Selena Gomez, who does a great job lending to the story through the character of Dot. The plot of this film and book may not resemble the author's own experience, but the themes of hope, persistence, and healing certainly do. In the book, Trevor’s main reason for going on the trip is to see his estranged father, Bob (played by Frederick Weller in the film), who recently has been in a car accident. @ReeseW, AFI 2020 review: ‘Sound of Metal’ is an uncompromising character study anchored by Riz Ahmed’s tour de force performance via @theyoungfolks, Copyright 2020 The Young Folks. RECOMMEND. “The Fundamentals of Caring” is one of those films in which we meet a man who won’t sign his divorce papers but know, because we’ve seen movies before, that he will by the final scene. While serving as another example of  trying to get Trevor out of his comfort zone, her personality stands out against Ben and Trevor thanks to Gomez’s conviction and liveliness in attaining that rebel runaway persona. He is portrayed as a witty cynical teenager, without the usual depression that usually occurs in this role. Strangely, if the road-trip impossible why did his Mum agree to it but not come along? The Fundamentals of Caring gets maximum mileage out of the chemistry between its well-matched leads as it follows a fairly well-worn coming-of-age road trip route. It’s crass, but fitting, because both Ben and Trevor have been dealt hands in life that are, well, shitty. It positively portrays DMD and caring in comparison to “Me Before You,” however many themes are simplified or quickly skimmed over. Both stories follow a soon-to-be divorced man who becomes the caregiver of a teenager suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The Fundamentals Of Caring premieres exclusively on Netflix on Friday, June 24. If you cannot build an emotional connection or become part of your client’s whole life then maybe you wouldn’t have a long-lasting career. It left me thinking “Is that Trevor when he was younger? Ben’s first client as a caregiver is Trevor ( Craig Roberts ), an 18-year-old guy with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

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