With wisps of hair sticking out around his bald dome, Kher looks almost blissfully unaware of his surroundings, as if he’d been transported to a higher realm. Kirron Kher was the life of the film. Directed by Neeraj Pandey, who's not know for being prolific (the way RGV is, who can be excused his misdemeanors due to the qty?). The characters appear in a haphazard manner. First half is good but second half is loose. One feels tortured and painful while watching this so called comedy flick. Because it chiefly talks about the poor international relationship between Pakistan & India. A lethargic Off Bollywood farce about the culture clash that ensues when a Hindu girl brings home a Pakistani fiance. Siyapaa only increases as Aman reaches Asha's family and the family discovers that he is Pakistani. Picture this. Ali Zafar out performs others and delivers excellent acting skills. Total Siyapaa Rating: 1.9/5From All the reviews on the webShowing 12 Reviews Total Siyapaa Movie Review Ratings:2/5 Review By: Rajeev Masand Site:CNN IBN Despite the giddy pace, it … Both plots hinge, for example, upon near-lethal accidents in which the head of the household is KO’d by a tub of frozen soup that tumbles from a second-story window. | People who love over the top "comedies" such as slapstick where it's funny because people are running around or because someone slapped someone else. The film starts with a lot of promise but ends as expected. Ironically, the plot loses its liberal air once out on the streets. | 'Total Siyapaa' is funny, but only in bits! One critic a decade ago compared “Only Human” to an episode of “Fawlty Towers,” a similarity that does not seem to have survived the translation. Asha's family goes crazy when they come to know that Aman is a Pakistani. Movie is low budget as things happen inside closed spaces .Some scenes are interesting but their presentation does not bring out the inner sarcasm . Credit goes to writer Neeraj Pandey. A weak second-hour plays a spoilsport. Maximum humor comes out only due to very good dialogues. Pandey derives inspiration from a Spanish film Seres Queridos, in which the conflict between the Palestinian boy and his girlfriend's Jewish family was served in a feisty feast of farcical episodes, all meant to draw humour from the dysfunctional family's dysfunction.In the Hindi adaptation, the Pakistani boy is utterly and delectably lost in his girlfriend's Punjabi home in London.Director Eeshwar Niwas, who had earlier adapted the ransom caper "Ruthless People" in a reasonably watchable film Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega, uses London's night scape as a beguiling backdrop to the Punjabi family's bickering. “Total Siyapaa” is based on a 2004 Spanish comedy, “Only Human,” about a Jewish girl in Madrid who brings home a Palestinian boy. It has some hilarious moments, but they are limited only till its first-hour. They inform that grandfather hears loud but all talks to him in normal way. This track is boring and lengthy. Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. Thought not quite worth the price of admission, the best thing in the movie is the dazed expression on the face of one of India’s most reliable character actors, Anupam Kher, wandering around Central London in his long johns as the clobbered father. A farce that hinges on on the escalating repercussions of an initial mistake needs to be a well-oiled machine, like the best episodes of Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” But the slapstick in “Total Siyapaa” is so imprecise that often it isn’t even physically plausible; witness the dining room table that is visibly too wide for the game of footsies supposedly going on beneath it. There are lots of scenes which are abrupt, i.e Suddenly memory loss and again memory gain, both are pushed just to create humor. Anupam Kher as Asha's father is having an extended cameo role in the movie, I wish his role could have been redefined with more funny moments. (The absence of a Chuck Jones-style “bonk!” sound effect in this version is an unforgivable lapse.). The scope remained narrow, dialogs highly unimpressive and acting substandard. Overall: In the end you might end up thinking "Where the hell is Aman's Family??" Yami Gautem is good. The script brings out the eccentric characters and their whimsical ways with the kind of pleasure that a housewife experiences while serving up her husband's favourite dishes although she may not be too good at the cooking.A lot of the humour simply sags in soggy lumps. He follows Aman and just before Aman is to hug Asha, he is arrested by the police. A few weeks before when I was told that the upcoming film TOTAL SIYAPAA is an official remake of a Spanish comedy ONLY HUMAN aka SERES QUERIDOS (2004), I eagerly watched the original and was in big doubts as the script required a great amount of transformation suiting our Indian mindsets. Total Siyapaa is total fun. The daughter of a family has a secret boyfriend whom she's about to introduce to the family. Mom keeps asking me to learn something from Ali: Yaami ... Ali, Yaami promote 'Total Siyapaa' in Dubai, Total Siyapaa’s realistic, not melodramatic, Ali Zafar excited about film’s premiere in Pakistan. Even he is blind but he can target gun and play with knife! Music is OK. Total Siyapaa, tera pyar track is good. Now after being respectfully released, Aman tells Asha that it is a bad day and they should schedule the meeting for the following day to which Asha denies. People who are impressed/want over the top fights where the hero jumps and hangs in the air for 30 seconds while he beats up all the "Gunday" who go flying 50 feet with a simple kick/punch. Music: The album is sung and composed by Ali Zafar. And because these two never make sense as a couple, the hurt doesn’t go deep when Asha’s brother (Anuj Pandit) and loopy mother (Kiron Kher) begin shouting (always shouting) their anti-Pakistani views. Dialogues are impressive. Palat Meri Jaan has been appreciated. One would expect Asha to get fed up with the wimpy Aman and show him the door within a year. Funny, but in a pedestrian sort of way. boy meets girl. But what if she is an Indian and he's a Pakistani? The plot is little for the hours devoted in showcasing it . (For non-Hindi speakers, it doesn’t help that the white-on-pale English subtitles are often illegible.). The comedy genre was lost somewhere in the middle. It makes fun of it; in every sequence, the lead couple debate as to why India & Pakistan is better in their own way. the only thing that kept me awake was cute actress . Anupam Kher's tryst with a British hooker is sadly unanchored. Disappoints hugely since a foreign film needs to be adapted with some major Indian insertions & not to be copied blindly even if it is official. nothing seems logical . well i had high hopes with this move i just love Ali zafar and yami and was expecting this movie to be super doooper hit, me n my four other mates went to watch this movie it start well like first 10 minutes n then we were trying to find out any funny scene to laugh there were few scenes but they weren't enough to make this movie watchable and the topic was just too good a thing between Pakistan and India and there could had been many many things that could had made this movie special but sorry to say Ali, yaami n anupam kher all good actors but there talent was wasted in this movie. The father of the heroine (Yami) is missing, brother fighting with Pakistani neighbor (without any good reason), sister is acting weird (crushing on Ali and at the same loving her husband and the mother is making a joke of her husband while he is missing. Everything in their relationship is picture perfect, till Asha invites Aman to meet her family over dinner. Anumpam Kher fills the spot. Ironically, the plot loses its liberal air once out on the streets.Anupam Kher's tryst with a British hooker is sadly unanchored.It's one evening in the family's history. Loosely based on the Spanish rom-com 'Seres Queridos' ('Only Human') in which a Palestinian boy meets his Jewish girlfriend's family, Total Siyapaa explores the India-Pakistan cultural divide through the relationship of Aman (Ali Zafar) and Asha (Yami Gautam), set in London. some scenes are awkward to watch with family. Sara Khan (Playing Yami's Sister) was OK. Vishwa Badola (Playing Dadu) is just not required. Read Next: Donald Trump Responds to Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Borat’ Sequel: ‘To Me, He’s a Creep’, Jerry Jeff Walker, Singer-Songwriter Known for ‘Mr. Borderline tensions are defused to the point until we see just the ludicrous futility of cultural bickering. where the hero goes off with the white actress and the sidekick has to sit next to a black person on the bus (Dhoom 3).

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